Tuesday, September 11th

On the rooftop, Abby fields calls from the press about Nick. Now, what does Mariah think of her idea (doing a show on their bizarre family trees and surprise paternity)? Families have a lot of secrets – maybe today, we’ll reveal one, Abby says enthusiastically.

Vikki agrees with her Dad that Nikki should go home and rest. Nikki won’t leave the station until she knows what’s going on with Nick. Are you charging him or not? she confronts Rey (who also gets an earful from Victor and Sharon) You took a picture with us pretending to be a fan, Nikki piles on. Rey assures all that he’ll treat Nick fairly – if he has nothing to hide he has nothing to worry about. Victor and Vikki continue to fuss over Nikki (who takes a seat and blames lack of food)

Still in Paul’s office, Nick confesses to Britney that he may not be entirely innocent. Rey has a lot of the pieces already but hasn’t put them together yet. If he did what would he see? Britney needs to know. Me sabotaging Newman, Nick admits. Britney thinks it time she hears the whole truth.

Kyle joins Mariah on the rooftop to hear that Abby’s come up with a new topic for her show. She feels weird taking over Hilary’s show and it’s ‘unreal’ that Tessa told me she loves me. Kyle takes credit for matchmaking and ignores a text from Summer. Noticing, Mariah won’t be ‘ghosted’ and hears all about Kyle’s ‘dumb’ car/sex bet with Summer. Kyle won but pretended to pass out instead of collecting on his debt. Mariah knows that Kyle’s invested – Summer’s not. Summoned away by Abby, Mariah doesn’t want to see Kyle get his heart broken.

Victor’s brought Nikki to the rooftop for more worrying about what Rey’s up to.

On the CL’s patio, Vikki informs Phyllis that Nick’s been arrested by Rey (who’s been playing them all) While Phyllis defends her and Billy’s trip to Vegas, Vikki disapproves of Billy gambling. You think you can control his addiction? Phyllis ‘gets’ Billy in a way Vikki never did – he feels ‘heard’ with me. You’re kidding yourself if you think you can control this disease, Vikki’s warning falls on deaf ears.

Billy sits Phyllis down in his office to watch the horse race on TV. Despite enthusiastic cheering, Philly loses. Yes, Billy’s out 5K but will win it back next race. I’ve been doing this a long time – it’s a piece of cake. You understand me right? Billy seems frantic to persuade a skeptical Phyllis.

Still loitering at the police station, Vikki and Sharon fret – how did Rey find out about Nick impersonating JT? And who hired him? The police?

Back in Paul’s office, Rey informs that the police commissioner brought him to investigate JT’s disappearance. His only goal is to find out what happened to JT. Nick can have full immunity if he testifies to exactly what went on between him and JT.

We should have known Paul wouldn’t let this go – Rey’s good at his job and both Sharon and Vikki worry where the trail will take him next. As Rey peeks out at the ladies, Britney confirms that Nick won’t be prosecuted for anything he confesses to. Signing the immunity agreement, Nick announces that he wasn’t working with JT – I WAS JT.

Talking to the camera about her own life-changing journey to find her family, Mariah hopes her viewers will explore their own family tree. She then asks for their help. If anyone can identify the mystery man in this picture, please contact us. Seated a few feet away on the rooftop, Victor seems shaken by the image on the big screen and approaches Abby to hear that Uncle Jack thinks this man might be his Father. Victor again scowls at the close up of the man on the screen.

Next: Devon makes a decision about Lily … Tessa ends up in danger … Rey does damage control with Paul.