Monday, September 17th

I thought I had more shares in that account – Billy’s on the phone insisting his stockbroker get him some cash TODAY. Keep working on it, he ends the call to lie when Phyllis enters his office very suspicious and noting he’s in a rotten mood wonders if Billy’s ‘budget issue’ is to do with Jabot or his gambling.

At Jabot, Summer and Kyle have a spat. She’s trying to maintain their friendship and working relationship. He doesn’t see the issue – stop being a drama queen. Summer, Summer – wait, he’s left to call out as she marches off.

I’m home! Mariah surprises Tessa with a hug from behind. Why did you wince in pain? Tessa bumped into the counter is all. Mariah lifts her shirt and demands to know who hurt her and why Tessa’s lying about it.

In Billy’s office, Phyllis lectures him; more gambling isn’t a good idea.

Summoned to the police station by Rey, Victor relays the last time he saw JT (he was virtually comatose in a hospital bed) Determined to catch JT, Rey muses how odd it is that he vanished. Is this an accusation? Victor scowls.

At Dark Horse, Jack confirms Nick’s assumption that his distraction is due to his search for his Father. He’s considering dropping it because he might not like what he finds out. And once I find out, there’s no turning back.

Rey ‘picking’ Victor’s brain, hears that JT worked in security so knows how to evade cameras. He eluded my investigators for months, Victor’s annoyed by Rey’s evasiveness. You and your son had a public feud but you still came to check on him after he was arrested, Rey doesn’t think a lot of men/Fathers would do that. Then they shouldn’t be called men or Father’s, Victor concludes.

On the patio, Mariah gets a good look at Tessa’s bruises. No, she didn’t call the police but did see a doctor. We’re NOT using your money. How can Mariah help then? Find Tessa a better paying job so she can pay off these bad guys. Giving Mariah a quick kiss, Tessa gets back to work.

Back at the office, Billy has everything under control; he has a bit of money put aside for monthly gambling. He asks Phyllis to talk to Lauren – get her to back off a bit until Jabotiques are launched. You’re pouring all your resources into one project, Phyllis worries. When his phone pings, Billy claims that it’s an alert to call someone on the west coast. We’ll come out of this ahead, he reassures. For your sake, I hope so, Phyllis leaves Billy looking stressed.