Monday, September 17th

Hello? Anybody there? Hearing a sound, Tessa hides/crouches behind a chair as Mariah comes in to turn the lights on. You were going to staple me to death? she jokes. I decided to keep you company and bring supper, Mariah explains. You make me feel happy and loved, she adds with a kiss.

Kyle jumps up when Lola arrives at CL’s. Are you going to ask me out or what? she cuts to the chase.

Back on the rooftop, Phyllis brings drinks back to Summer and wonders why she’d want to betray her (with Billy) Summer gained perspective when she left GC and saw her Mom in a new light. She disapproves of Phyllis cheating on Jack with Billy (despite what Victor did to them) Then you slept with Dad while ‘on a break’. Phyllis had no idea Summer had so much pent up hostility towards her – do you still love me? Yes, but our relationship will never be the same again, Summer concludes.

Now seated at CL’s, Kyle was working his way up to asking Lola out. Give me your number. Putting her number in Kyle’s phone, Lola will send him some ideas on where he can take her on the date she looks forward to. Hoping she’s not being too pushy, Lola leaves.

Gloria updates Billy that the wire transfer went through. Don’t leave it to the last minute next time, she bids her relieved boss a good night and exits.

Phyllis doesn’t want things to be the same between her and Summer – she wants things to be better. We can move on from this baggage. This is the most real conversation we’ve had since you came back, Phyllis is in tears. Thank you. Displaying no emotion, Summer makes a duck face.

You trying to take a stake in the company I built? Victor doesn’t believe that Jack merely ‘followed the truth’. Albert Miller can burn in hell and Jack better stay away from Victor’s business and family. Just try and stop me, Jack challenges.