Monday, September 17th

Phyllis joins Summer as she’s repeatedly hitting the elevator button at Jabot. We need to do a review of Fenmore’s projects – to see if anything can be trimmed or postponed to conserve resources. We need to be able to work together, she adds. That’s what Kyle said, Summer sniffles. Phyllis will help her sort it out – over drinks. Let’s go, both step into the elevator.

Kyle’s flattered that Lola remembers him. She’s not flattered by his gushing over her culinary skills. Now, place an order; the line is getting backed up. Kyle apologizes for acting like an entitled snob the other day. Sounds like you mean that, Lola moves on quickly and looks around Kyle – ‘next in line?’

What’s up? Nick asks when Victor appears at his office to deny being behind the arrest – and update on Rey’s fishing expedition. He asked me about you too, Nick then blabs that Jack mentioned Victor’s relationship (or lack thereof) with Albert Miller.

Billy arrives at the club’s bar reading a text (the buy-in for the elite gambling service expires at midnight) Jack calls him over to have a drink – what’s going on? You look beat. Billy’s making a gut decision on an opportunity (which Jack suspects could be a mistake)

Mariah’s come to Nick’s office to ask him to hire Tessa. If she doesn’t mind a menial job and working nights, Nick says she can start right away. Thanking him with a hug, Mariah accepts on Tessa’s behalf.

Exchanging names with Lola, Kyle leaves with his food as Rey appears to check out the truck he’s heard so much about. He’s proud of Lola but hopes she’s got the right permits and parks only in safe places. At least Arturo gives me credit! Lola doesn’t appreciate being lectured and snarling that she’s an adult, demands Rye back off and locks the door when he tries to get inside the truck.

Jack thinks Billy’s being cagey about this opportunity but if he’s the only one at risk of being hurt – go for it. As for his own dilemma, Jack’s wondering whether to drop the search for his Father. Sure that Jack won’t find his Father to be half the man John Abbott was, Billy tends to agree he should let it go.

At Dark Horse, Nick gives Tessa her instructions (she’s to remove files from the servers without asking questions) and heads out for the night. At the elevator, he smiles as Tessa literally jumps up and down with excitement. She can’t thank Nick enough for saving her life.

Billy appears as Gloria’s about to go home to a big glass of wine. First, he needs her to transfer a large amount of money. To who – the 5th race at Belmont? she quips. No, Billy’s paying off a business loan is all. Good night, he says as he proceeds into his office.

On the rooftop, Summer whines about Kyle. She had no idea he still had feelings for her – and now he wants nothing to do with her. Give it some time, continue to reach out to him, Phyllis advises Summer to go easy – this is about Kyle’s feelings. When Summer gives her attitude, Phyllis decides its time she explains why she pursued Billy. In the beginning, it was a game – then Summer just wanted to hurt her Mother.

Jack’s home having a drink when the doorbell rings. He and Victor are soon glaring at one another through the glass front door.

Now inside, Victor growls at Jack for poking his nose into his family’s business. Jack’s only interested in HIS family tree. All the other men in the photo were eliminated. You’re here because you’re having trouble accepting this yourself, Jack suspects.