Tuesday, September 18th

At home, Nick finds Sharon’s working on her graduation speech. She’s excited – this is the big finish.

Arriving at the office, Billy appreciates Gloria’s help last night. Hoping for a bonus on her cheque, Billy will give Gloria a smiley face and confetti. Now at his desk, Billy makes a call to confirm his transfer was received – you know where to send the winnings when they come rolling in.

Seated at the club with Ashley, Kyle announces that the wait is over – Billy’s stealing from the company to support his gambling.

‘Billy’s behind closed doors’, Gloria tries but fails to stop Phyllis. Barging into Billy’s office, Phyllis notes that he didn’t wake her last night (and she didn’t wake him when leaving this morning) She had a serious talk with Summer. It wasn’t pretty. We discussed her, me – and you.

At the station, Paul and Rey butt heads over his investigation of JT (which is costing money and resources without turning up anything) Rey has a plan to solve the case – hear me out.

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Phyllis’ talk with Summer was brutal – she admitted to pursuing you to hurt me. Billy wants to get out of here to discuss other things. Leading Phyllis out, he tells Gloria they’ll be back later (the call to New Yor she’s on hold for him can wait)

Back at the club, Ashley reminds Kyle that Billy’s gambling is off limits. Kyle claims he didn’t interfere. Now does Ashley want to hear what Billy’s up to or not? A Wall Street buddy of Kyle’s told him about a betting syndicate – members pool their money; everyone gets a cut. They signed up a CEO from GC. The buy-in is huge; mid-six figures. Ashley doesn’t see where Billy would get the funds – so Kyle hands over his tablet to show that transactions were made last night. Neither having a password to access the files, Ashley leaves after scolding Kyle for wasting her time with his grudge against Billy.

Nick’s not surprised that Sharon was chosen to address her graduating class – you were Jabot’s spokesperson. Imagine everyone in their underwear (though Nick won’t be wearing any) Sharon then gets some pointers from Mariah (who tells her to be herself) Seconds after all three leave for the grad ceremony, Sharon runs back in to get the grad hat she forgot.