Tuesday, September 18th

Phyllis loves Billy – she went to Vegas to understand his gambling. But, Vegas didn’t feel the same to her. She felt the tournament was enough – but it just made Billy want more. This is starting to feel dangerous.

File in hand, Rey goes over the case and tells Paul that Vikki’s withholding information – so are the other women (who he’s building relationships with) By process of elimination, Rey wants to zero in on Sharon – she’s the weak link.

Pouring more champagne, Nick talks about how far they’ve come. Sharon’s the smart, strong woman he fell in love with when they were kids. Even when not together, both have always felt a connection. And since Mariah’s at the stables, Nick and Sharon make out upstairs.

As Sharon’s clawing Nick’s back in bed, Rey tells Paul that she graduated today with a degree in psychology with plans to go into social work. It just so happens that a victim liaison position just opened up in the department (where Rey can work on the ‘weak link’ and solve the JT puzzle)

Back at the house, Billy and Phyllis argue. He’s pissed that she tricked him into believing she supported him – but really just wants to ‘fix’ him (like Vikki did) No, Phyllis just wants moderation and won’t enable Billy. She wants a happy life with him. This might be his idea of happiness but Phyllis isn’t sure it’s hers.

Still in Billy’s office, Ashley now has to consider that her brother’s ‘spiralling’. Kyle applies more pressure – Billy will take down this whole company if you don’t step in, he warns. What are we going to do?? A distressed Ashley hurries out to the elevator without answering.

Next: Nikki’s loyalty is tested …. Jack resorts to extreme measures … Devon surprises Shawna.