Tuesday, September 18th

Gloria won’t be bribed with a cupcake – Billy can give Kyle the password when he gets here. Fine, we’ll do this the hard way, Kyle toughens up.

At the Abbott home, Billy asks Phyllis why she told him everything about her talk with Summer. Did you need to remind me that we’re honest with each other? Phyllis does suspect that something’s going on. And I damn well better tell you about it? Billy sneers.

In Paul’s office, Rey defends his investigative skills – Nick impersonating JT set him back but he won’t give up. You brought him back to town and he went off the rails (and missing) on your watch. Rey has to wonder if Paul’s worried he won’t find JT – or that he will? Watch yourself – Paul is ‘pissed off’. Knowing that JT was in a house with five women the night he disappeared, Rey plans to start his investigation there.

In cap and gown, Sharon delivers her speech from the podium as a proud Nick and Mariah watch on. She speaks frankly of the mental illness she once thought would be the end of her and basically encourages her peers; obstacles are a foundation to help others. I won’t be beaten, Sharon smiles at the applauding audience.

Now in Billy’s office, Kyle asks Gloria about the big transfer made last night. We have checks and balances so that one push of a button; one person, can’t zap money from point A to B without oversight. Who authorized the transaction? Gloria’s dealt with monsters all her life – she won’t be intimidated by Kyle. If anything’s sketchy Billy will let you take the fall, Kyle warns Gloria to save herself.

When Billy tells Phyllis about the syndicate of like-minded members, she’s alarmed to hear that the buy-in is 6 figures. This isn’t fantasy football – where did it come from? And is there anything else you aren’t telling me? No, that’s everything – you know it all, Billy assures.

Sharon’s surprised that Nick and Mariah managed to have the house decorated by ‘graduation elves’. Mariah takes a photo of Sharon underneath the banner then praises her ‘hero’ and toasts her with champagne. I hope to be just like you one day. Nick’s equally proud of Sharon – this is all you. I can’t wait to see what you do next. All clink glasses and drink again.

Phyllis understands the impulse to hold things back. In the spirit of full disclosure, she admits that she didn’t really go to Vegas because she’s onboard with Billy’s gambling.

An annoyed Ashley joins Kyle in Billy’s office – what are you looking for now? Betting slips? Gloria was able to get Kyle access to the files they were locked out of. Handing over a tablet, he reports a 500K transfer to a New York bank. The routing number matches the gambling syndicate (who are now sitting on Jabot funds, waiting for the next ‘sure thing’) Billy doesn’t just have a gambling problem, he has an embezzlement problem., Kyle concludes with certainty.