Wednesday, September 19th

In her office and on her laptop, Vikki seems to be suffering pain from carpal tunnel when she grabs her phone to type out a text.

Nate thinks Shawna will love the plans Devon’s just told him about – then gets a text from a ‘difficult’ patient he must go see. ‘No, don’t come’, Vikki sends another text (but too late, Nate’s already on his way)

Blowing out the candle on her cupcake, Shawna can’t reveal what she wished for. Inside CL’s, Rey persists in trying to recruit Sharon – you’d be helping people. Sharon will talk to Nick and her family and get back to him. Mattie arrives and is sent onto the patio to whisk Shawna off for spa day. Uncle Devon wants you to call him, she says in parting (Charlie’s left to do just that)

Nate in her office, Vikki wonders why her stress isn’t going away. Knowing she won’t see a therapist, Nate has an idea on how to help give Vikki back the control JT took from her (by teaching her some empowering self-defence moves) Taking the white jacket, Vikki agrees – let’s do it.

Returning to the penthouse, Shawna thanks Mattie for treating her at the spa – this day can’t get any better. Opening the front door, they walk into a surprise birthday party. In lieu of a speech, Devon reads a list Hilary made when trying to convince him to take Shawna in – then adds some sweet words of his own.

White jackets (gi) on, Nate leads Vikki in some deep breathing – then coaches her on tae kwon do (one of the martial arts he studies) Both are soon laughing and doing ‘high kicks’.

Getting a text from her ‘friend’ Sharon (supposedly about wedding stuff) Vikki needs to leave (Nate’s left in her office)

Matt Miller’s been summoned to meet Jack at the club – and assumes it’s regarding Victor. He’s then surprised to hear that Jack believes Albert Miller could be his biological Father. You could be my brother …. And Victor’s too, Jack adds.

Charlie knows his Mom would want him to have fun (not mope about her) After Mattie gives Shawna another gift; a voter registration form, Nate arrives to hug Shawna – who declares this the best birthday she’s ever had.

On the patio, Vikki encourages Sharon to turn the tables on Rey by accepting the job. You’ll have access to confidential information and can warn us if Rey and Paul come across anything. Sharon doesn’t like the idea of lying to her co-workers every day. Do you like the idea of going to prison? Vikki counters.