Wednesday, September 19th

The party over, Nate gives Devon full credit and leaves Shawna to thank her guardian. But since she’s now 18, Shawna would understand if Devon asked her to move out. No, we’re family now, Devon reassures. He then hands over his gift – an envelope.

Back at the club, Jack brings Matt up to speed – Dina may never remember who my Father is. Matt’s sorry about Jack’s Mother’s condition and would like to help. He and Victor aren’t close but he doesn’t want to upset him. Matt, of all people, understands why Victor wouldn’t want a reminder of Albert Miller. Unseen, Victor watches from across the restaurant.

Shawna can’t accept this – it’s too much. Tuition is a lot of money; she plans to apply for scholarships at community college. Let’s call this the Hilary Curtis Hamilton scholarship, Devon will cover expenses to university wherever Shawna wants to go (even abroad) You’re awesome, Shawna remembers what Hilary always said – dream big. She vows to make them both proud. Thank you ~hug~

After speaking to a friend whose opinion she respects, Sharon’s decided to accept Rey’s job offer (despite how daunting it will be) Agreeing to start tomorrow, she shakes Rey’s hand as he welcomes her to the force.

What are you doing here? Victor glares down at the half-brother who’s ‘betraying’ him (by discussing family business) If I’m your half-brother will that loyalty extend to me? Jack quips. Objective, Matt reasons that Jack just wants to know about his family – surely, Victor must be curious as to whether he ‘belongs to ours’. Knowing all he needs to about Jack Abbott, Victor leaves Jack to implore Matt to help him. He needs to know if he and Victor are brothers.

Next: Victor makes a tough decision … Traci returns home … Nick and Sharon struggle with secrets.

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