Friday, October 5th

Ashley ends a call and gives Traci and Lauren good news – Billy checked into rehab this morning. Deciding not to involve Phyllis, Ashley’s ready for Traci to remove the blood-Abbott clause so she can take over as CEO. Not so fast, I’m in charge, Traci reminds.

On the phone, Summer swears that she didn’t tell Sharon and doubts Kyle did either. Phyllis confides that Billy wants nothing to do with her and didn’t come home last night. Where could he have gone? He probably just needs time, Summer lies. Phyllis ends the call to chat with Gloria’s replacement, Ted – who sends her in to see ‘the others’.

In Billy’s office, a resigned Phyllis understands why Ashley, Traci and Lauren want to see her. I messed up. Don’t hold back – let me have it.

Sharon arrives at the station to tell Rey that there was no wedding. Nick’s the love of her life but he cheated – again. There’s only so many times she can forgive someone for making the same mistake. At some point it’s not a mistake, it’s who you are.

Back at Dark Horse, Vikki asks Nick why he cheated on Sharon – with Phyllis of all people. Neither she nor Abby buy his ‘we were on a break’ excuse. I need to fix this right now, Nick exits. Jack appears to tell Abby that they need to get to Jabot asap.

Still in Billy’s office, Traci’s torn. She wants to remove the blood-Abbott clause but shouldn’t we wait for Billy to get out of rehab? Lauren thinks that seems fair – this is an important vote. We already have the votes, let’s do this – Ashley presses forward. OK, as acting CEO, Traci suggests the removal of the blood Abbott clause. Ashley seconds the motion. All in favour?

Can we talk? Nick’s at the station. Sharon has nothing to say, especially at her place of business. I won’t give up, Nick vows as Sharon disappears into Paul’s office. Rey steps in to block Nick from following.

At Jabot, Jack and Abby inform Kyle that Billy’s in rehab – no one has his proxy. All three then enter Billy’s office for the impromptu board meeting to hear that they missed the vote removing the blood-Abbott clause (by unanimous decision. Yes, including Phyllis) And now it’s time to elect a new leader, Ashley announces.

At the club, Tessa wishes she could afford to treat Mariah to dinner before she goes away (but she’s saving every dime to pay off the people threatening her sisters’ safety)

Jack disapproves of being told about the meeting by email instead of a phone call. When Ashley nominates herself as CEO, Abby can’t think of anyone more suitable. Aside, Kyle encourages Jack to throw his hat in the ring so they can run Jabot together.

Before the vote, Kyle praises and nominates Jack as CEO (which he accepts knowing Nick will understand him leaving Dark Horse) Traci’s ready – secret ballot or do we just ‘let ‘er rip’?

Nick grudgingly thanks Rey. He can’t force Sharon to hear him out – perhaps you can put in a good word for me. After Nick leaves, Rey tells Sharon that the coast is clear. Now back at her desk, Sharon’s determined to move on with her life – without Nick.

Abby tallies the votes Lauren reads out. 3 for Ashley, 2 for Jack and one for Billy. Traci’s abstaining; she refuses to choose between her siblings again. Phyllis follows Kyle out to accuse him of revealing her secret to Sharon. Is that why you threw your vote away? a smug Kyle delights in dropping shocking news – your daughter’s a loudmouth.

Mariah expresses her disappointment over Sharon and Nick (being a ‘dog’) but is grateful to have the optimistic Tessa. Phyllis interrupts their kiss to blame Mariah for ruining her life (and others) Mariah stands to snarl – grow up. Don’t blame everyone else for your mistake. Without further word, Phyllis heads to the bar. Seconds later, Nick joins her. Should we be seen in public together? Meh, why not?

At CL’s, Summer leaves Billy a message – no pressure but she can’t wait to see him again. Take care ~click~

Lauren and Abby congratulate Ashley and thank Traci for stepping out of her comfort zone. Now alone, Ashley also thanks Traci. She has so many hopes and dreams; so much she wants to accomplish here. Traci’s still uneasy about how this happened (and worried about Billy) Ashley is too. No, she won’t squander this opportunity. She’s alone in her new office for a nanosecond when Jack returns.