Monday, October 8th

At CL’s, Tessa gives Lola the bag of power tools Rey left for her. Coffee’s on me, Kyle comes over to express admiration and make jokes. Taking a seat with Lola (who’s granted him two minutes) Kyle blathers on about business before flirting.

Pacing around her office, Vikki’s a jittery mess as she again reads the note – ‘I know what you did and I’m going to make you pay’

Summer takes a seat across from Nikki at the club and thanks her Grandma for inviting her to breakfast. Nikki worries about Summer watching both her parents’ relationships blow up on the same day. No, she doesn’t think Summer has to end her friendship with Billy. It’s terrible that he’s gambling again. Summer assumes Billy will kick his problem and move on with someone better than her Mom. But no, she won’t be setting him up with anyone – and that’s a promise.

Ted’s being instructed to arrange a meeting when Neil drops by Ashley’s office. He’s brought the new CEO a gift (a needlepoint gift for her office) and with a kiss invites Ashley out to dinner.

Still at CL’s, Lola’s updated on the ugly business of beauty products. As she complains about her family battling each other too, Kyle gets a summoning text from Ashley. Lola’s sure Kyle’s report will go over well – how about a movie? Kyle agrees to meet back at CL’s at 5:30. After he leaves, Tessa comes along to ask how Lola met Kyle; she also hopes their date goes well and can’t wait for his ex, Summer Newman, to lose her mind. Newman? Lola’s left to ponder.

Informed that Summer has to attend a meeting Ashley’s scheduled, Nikki wonders what Billy did to turn everyone against him. Assuming he’s ashamed of whatever he did, she hopes he’ll come out of this stronger and put his bad decisions behind him. Summer nods uncomfortably.

Summer’s Mom handed her a cushy office job and she has a massive trust fund, Tessa fills Lola in. Wow – I really am nothing like her, Lola agrees. Congratulations, Tessa wanders off with her coffee pot.

Pausing to scowl at the new name on the CEO’s office door, Summer arrives late for the meeting. Ashley also gripes about Phyllis not being there. Lauren will relay info to her. Wanting to put the turmoil to rest, Ashley begins to explain her vision for her Father’s company. Disinterested, Summer sends Billy a text; Jabot misses you. Glancing at Summer, Ashley announces reinstation of Jabot’s R&D budget. Funded how? Lauren asks. By scaling back or eliminating Jabotiques. I’m here to chat if anyone wants, she invites and seems surprised when the extras file out silently. Having anticipated that Ashley would make changes to Jabotiques, Kyle boasts that he’s done a report – but you won’t like the conclusions.