Friday, October 5th

As Nick and Sharon commiserate, Sharon appears – why don’t you two just do it on the bar, or take ‘her’ on our honeymoon? Is this you making it up to me? Pathetic. Nick’s been talking about you since we sat down, Phyllis’ claim is rejected with a harsh reminder of the night she said ‘we need to stick together’. Nick’s puzzled.

No, Jack doesn’t resent Ashley – it wasn’t meant to be and he hates the pain the blood-Abbott clause cost her. Take your seat in Dad’s chair. You earned it. Receiving a kiss on the cheek, Ashley’s left to utter ‘wow’ as she takes her spot behind the CEO’s desk.

Phyllis won’t be attacked for talking to the Father of her child. Oh, you were having a parenting moment? Sharon’s sarcastic. We made a terrible mistake but Nick’s forgiven you for far worse, Phyllis gets why he turned to her while Sharon was dithering about whether to marry him. As Mariah and Tessa watch on, Sharon stands up for herself – she’s won’t turn into a puddle and Phyllis better not mess with her.

After a brief chat with Summer on the CL’s patio, Vikki’s alarmed to open an envelope and read a typed note; I know what you did and I’m going to make you pay.

Next week: This time you’ve gone way too far! Phyllis marches into the station and slams a note (that looks exactly like the one Vikki received) on Sharon’s desk …. Forget something? Kyle asks Lola. Yes, this, she kisses him. Looking out onto the CL’s patio, Summer does not like what she sees …. Ashley admits to Neil that she doesn’t like all the steps she had to take to get to this milestone … This had nothing to do with face cream. Tell me why my sister hired you, Jack demands of Andrew. Stop waving around your chequebook, Ashley sighs – she’ll tell Jack what he wants to know for free.

My Thoughts: Who’s Jack trying to kid? When Abby tells Nick ‘we’ve both been there’ he makes a point of repeating that Abby has been there ‘twice’. Is he trying to say that Abby has a worse track record when it comes to cheating? She’s off to a good start but Jack has decades of cheating on his niece. Sure she slept with her niece’s husband – but Jack slept with his Father’s wife and married two of the same women Nick married (Sharon, Phyllis) and slept with at least one more; Diane … And speaking of twice – that’s how many times Sharon told Rey today that Nick’s the love of her life. Which won’t matter to him, at all, when he sleeps with her …. Who on earth bought Nick and Sharon wedding gifts? And why? And what could they possibly need at this point? I’m sure they have a toaster already … Odd that crisis line-advocate for victims Sharon wasn’t able to reach out to her daughter before she headed off to school. That all said, can’t say I didn’t enjoy watching Sharon put Phyllis in her place. Mariah did a good job too. Karma’s a bitch ain’t it? … Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.