Monday, October 15th

Abby gets a text from Arturo (any idea what the problem is with the office I remodeled?) Can’t talk – dealing with a family thing, she replies then joins Traci as she continues to blast Ashley; who tried everything with Jack; begging, negotiating. He values your contributions, Traci insists. As long as he rules the empire, Ashley shouts as the tears flow. I never commanded his respect – until now.

Kyle joins Jack in the CEO’s office to suggest they go for a drink – we should be happier to be here (as bonafide Abbotts) Jack gained a Father but lost a sister. We were close, he feels partly responsible. We’re Abbotts and Ashley’s a snake, Kyle disagrees. Billy appears to ask what happened – I was only gone a week. No worries; he’s now an outpatient – what the hell did I miss? All three look at the broken window.

Guessing that no one has much of an appetite, Ashley’s asked Mrs Martinez to make something light. Abby can’t believe that her Mom’s acting like what she did to Uncle Jack is no big deal. Ashley doesn’t expect Abby to understand what’s been going on at Jabot because she’s been working at Newman and Dark Horse. Abby wishes her Mom had taken a break from Jabot too instead of doing what she did to Jack. I’m the most qualified person to run that company! Ashley’s in tears because they don’t support her. She refuses to take the high road – again. You’ve given up your integrity and your relationship with your brother, Traci doubts Jack will ever forgive Ashley. Yes, but he won’t underestimate me again – and that ‘feels good’ (to Ashley)

Closing the blinds over the broken window to block Ted’s view, Jack updates Billy that Ashley paid Andrew to alter the DNA test. Billy now understands why Ashley was so opposed to her budget being cut and wishes he’d looked into this further; maybe saved his chair. He doesn’t think Jack overreacted or that he’s ‘collateral damage’. Thanks to therapy, Billy realizes that he was set up to gamble (likely by Ashley) He WILL get to the bottom of this and suspects Sinnead’s involved. She wasn’t the one, Kyle confesses.

Phyllis isn’t answering her phone but Vikki and Nikki think she should have a say. We have no idea who’s doing this or what they want. Sharon still thinks they should pay up. With Vikki wavering, Nikki needs more info first; this person might not know anything. We need to make a decision, Vikki concludes.

Sharon doesn’t care what Phyllis thinks. She was ready to throw you both to the wolves, she reminds. Vikki came close to confessing – so did you (to Nick) Sharon can’t even think about Nick with this hanging over her head. Mariah’s the one who told her that he cheated with Phyllis. Nikki’s heard enough and has made her decision. Asking Vikki to fire up her laptop, she’s going to pay the bastard.

Back at the Abbott house, Abby and Traci agree that Jack won’t forgive Ashley anytime soon. Traci owes Ashley an apology – she should have supported her sister and admonished Jack ~hug~ Abby won’t accept that her Mother had no other option. Ashley then brings up Jack sleeping with his Father’s wife. It’s time HE turns the other cheek. She can take whatever Jack throws at her.

When Jack asks him to leave, Kyle fesses up that Ashley refused to do anything that would tempt Billy to gamble again. You sonofabitch – it was YOU, Billy realizes.

Something still doesn’t make sense to Abby but Ashley just wants to go upstairs to ‘decompress’ – she has no regrets. Traci’s left to give Abby a sympathetic hug.