Monday, October 15th

Calm down! Jack physically stops Billy from attacking Kyle. Why’d you do it? Billy asks. Kyle didn’t know things would go off the rails this way – he knew Billy would mess up and just sped up the timeline. Go to hell! Billy snarls. Outside the office, Arturo joins Ted to ask what’s going on in there. The broken window has nothing to do with his work so he’ll have to charge for repairs. Inside, Jack continues to referee when Ted comes in to say he’s booked a room at the club. Jack orders him to summon all the board members except Ashley. It’s time to bring an end to the chaos.

Arturo calls Abby to ask if everything’s OK. He can see that the board meeting fell apart – anything I can do? Not really, Abby sighs. When Kyle gets on the elevator, Billy decides to take the next one. Back at the house, after Abby hangs up, Traci updates that they need to get to the club for another board meeting. Looking up at the staircase, a conflicted Abby follows Traci out the door.

Arturo enters the office as Jack hugs Ashley’s ‘innovator of the year’ award. He’s there to fix this widow and will do whatever else he can to help. Jack’s going to resolve this the way his Father would want him to.

Thinking Phyllis should be informed of their decision, Vikki sets things up then passes her laptop to Nikki (who doesn’t see any reason to wait) That’s it? You paid? Sharon looks at the laptop, horrified – what have you done?!

Abby? Traci? Ashley comes downstairs to an empty room. Anybody here?

Vikki and Sharon are astounded that Nikki sent the blackmailer a dollar. She sent a message that they won’t be intimidated or’messed with’. Hopefully, that’s the end of it. Vikki and Sharon don’t look convinced.

Jack, Kyle, Traci, Billy and Abby return home to tell Ashley that they held a board meeting she wasn’t invited to. Abby steps in to inform her Mother that they can’t condone what she did. The board unanimously voted to remove you as CEO, Traci stuns Ashley.

Next: Jack’s plan backfires …. Mariah questions Sharon about Rey …. Billy is out for revenge.