Tuesday, October 16th

At CL’s, Sharon and Rey have a cagey conversation in which he tells a hypothetical story about someone being accused and possibly guilty of ripping the tag off a mattress; does the store believe the buyer who denies doing it? Sometimes making an accusation results in a confession – or acting guilty (like Sharon is now)

Jack’s gathered his skeptical family in the dining room to ‘break bread’ – it IS a good idea; we all need this, he insists. Marvelous – sit down, Dina orders everyone. Ashley appears to take her seat – not like you can kick me out (like they did at Jabot) We’d love for you to take a seat, Jack’s magnanimous.

On the patio, Tessa tells Mariah that she should have enough to make her second payment Between her two jobs, her debt will be paid off in a year. Yes, Sharon’s been hanging out with Rey; Lola made them dinner the other night. Mariah looks increasingly concerned.

Sharon has nothing to worry about – she’s never removed a mattress tag in her life. She then fumbles about doing what she wants in her own bed – something, something – ‘a good yank’ (really) Mariah saves her stammering Mom by leading her to another table for a chat. No, Sharon won’t work things out with Nick – she’s moving forward with her life. Mariah’s curious about Rey. Rey!? Sharon blurts out loud enough for him to hear.

** I missed the 3 minutes of opening scenes before the theme **

Jack called this breakfast for a reason – Ashley’s still his sister; eventually we have to talk. When Ashley wants to discuss Jabot, Billy has no time to hear how she’s been treated unfairly. He takes responsibility for his actions – but also blames Kyle for his slide into the gutter. He’d like his role as CEO back now. As Kyle lists why that’s a bad idea, Jack’s just glad they’re talking. We must set business aside to be a family who loves each other. That’s what John would want. Who’s with me?

Mariah worries that things may get complicated between the vulnerable Sharon and co-worker/renter Rey – you didn’t trust him before but have done a 180. Sharon does trust Rey and has too much going on for a rebound relationship. Neither are happy to see Phyllis arrive. We still have business; charity work, Sharon can ‘handle the bitch’. After Phyllis comes over to take Sharon away (for a charity issue as predicted) Mariah gives Rey a look.