Tuesday, October 16th

Abby’s shocked by what Billy and Kyle did – but even moreso by what her Mom did. I never thought you could do something so horrible (using my relationship with my grandmother) Ashley apologizes to her and Billy, but not Jack. He used my paternity against me. You should all feel sickened by that but for some reason, HE gets a pass. YOU (Kyle) colluded with Victor. YOU (Billy) stole money from the company (and your brother’s wife) Yet I’M the monster? Ashley doesn’t care if Dad’s blood runs through Jack’s veins – you’re NOTHING like him. With a few harsh words for Ashley, Billy heads out to the office to Jabot – he doesn’t need a title to try make things right. Kyle confronts Billy on his way out -you slept with Summer and now won’t talk to her. She deserves to know where she stands.

Abby serves her upset grandmother soothing words and some tea as all feel guilty for causing her stress. Regardless, Ashley has more to say until Traci agrees it’s best she leave.

Rey and Mariah briefly discuss Sharon’s charity work with Phyllis. Wanting to know more about Rey, Mariah asks him to sit down for a chat.

On the patio, Sharon updates Phyllis that Nikki sent the blackmailer a dollar and has sympathy where Billy’s concerned; he should see you as another toxic habit he has to quit. Nothing else to say, Phyllis leaves.

Summer fluffs her hair before meeting Billy in the CEO office. She hopes to be part of his new and improved life. Still in recovery, Billy shouldn’t be in a relationship. But, undeterred, Summer feels that their night together proved that he returns her feelings.

Mariah basically questions Rey’s intentions towards Sharon (who’s kind and sees the best in people) You’re a cop – you know how scummy people can be. Yes, she knows from experience and there’ll be hell to pay if this convenient friendship isn’t genuine. Reminded of his protective/feisty sister, Rey’s just offering platonic support – no drama. He then asks about JT. You were at Vikki’s party but slept through JT crashing it? Yes, Mariah passed out drunk. Sharon marches over to interrupt. There was no charity issue and Phyllis is gone. She scolds Rey for interrogating her daughter (who doesn’t know anything about JT crashing Vikki’s party) He has to wonder why Sharon’s so irritated with him this morning – what’d I do?