Tuesday, October 16th

What if Abby got me hooked on pills again? Jack draws a comparison in an attempt to reason with Kyle – Ashley couldn’t even stomach this plan of yours to get Billy gambling again. Billy hates me and you probably do too, Kyle sulks. No, Jack hates what Kyle did – give Billy time. He knows better than anyone that an addict has to learn to forgive in order to heal.

At the club, Ashley’s not in the mood to hear Kyle gloat. But gloat he does. You created a mess beyond anything you could imagine – so arrogant. And you almost got away with it. If you only paid Andrew with your own money. And I’d be the one who helped you do it – to Jack, Billy, the whole family. You were enthusiastic, Ashley reminds. Kyle regrets his ignorant mistake; thinking he was better than Billy. You got sloppy, just like he did. At least Billy can blame his gambling, Kyle all but shrugs as he leaves Ashley to think.

We wanted each other, Summer was just as into it as Billy. We can be great together. You called ME when you hit rock bottom, she points out. Yes, and Billy had a good reason but Summer won’t like it.

On the patio, Mariah’s observed two weird things today – Sharon talking to that sex-crazed barracuda (Phyllis) And this Rey thing – if it’s so healthy, why did she pull me away from his table like I needed the Heimlich?

Rey just needs to talk to Mariah about JT – what’s the problem? Sharon wants her daughter left out of it – I dragged her to that party and she fell asleep before JT arrived. Rey tells Sharon that Mariah questioned him. He told the truth – we’re just friends – accurate? Of course, Sharon doesn’t look or sound convincing.

Traci, Jack and Abby have been talking about doing better for Dina’s sake when Ashley rejoins them to announce that it’s best she move out. It’s best for her Mother and she won’t stay where she’s not wanted.

Billy sighs – he tried to be kind but Summer’s just not getting it so he’ll be blunt. I have no romantic interest in you. Phyllis arrives – what’s going on? Billy was just about to tell Summer that he only slept with her to get a this exact reaction out of Phyllis. So – there you go. Phyllis looks shocked/horrified.