Wednesday, October 17th

Hearing Kyle’s story about digging up Philp’s grave to help his Dad in his paternity search his paternity, Lola admired the lengths he went to but is ‘creeped out’. Rey must have known all this from the police report but made it sound worse. He always tries to control me she adds and agrees to go out with Kyle that night.

Is this what I think it is? Mariah’s happy to walk in from the patio to meet the new woman in Kyle’s life. Tessa appreciates the barista lessons. Hang out with us tonight, Lola invites – then suggests game night.

Nate drops by Devon’s to join in on congratulating Shawna’s medal. Anyone know where Cane is? Charlie hasn’t talked to his Dad since breakfast – why? He didn’t visit Lily today – she wants to know why.

You went lower than rock bottom, Phyllis is infuriated that Billy seems proud of himself. If Summer wasn’t around you probably would have turned to Vikki. She’s thrilled he lost his job and hopes he loses everything else. And Billy’s glad she has to live with the vivid image of him and Summer – like he envisions her and Nick. Phyllis throws something at the door as Billy exits.

Kyle concludes the tour of the Abbott mansion by saying it has 8 bedrooms (and more for the help) He stays in the pool house (which he’s renovating) Mariah and Tessa tease him about his cooking skills (or lack thereof) Lola raves about the main house’s kitchen. No, the house isn’t just Kyles but they have the place to themselves tonight. Dina’s upstairs with her nurse. Let the games begin.

Nate joins Cane at the club to hear that he ran late due to a business meeting. Nate’s not buying it – Lily’s worried and upset, he scolds.

Kyle and the three girls play charades (which he sucks at) They then switch to ‘truth or dare’. Asked to relay something bad she did, Lola tells the story of stealing car parts to get her food truck. Lola then asks Mariah about a time she broke the rules. I impersonated my dead sister and will regret it to my dying day. Tessa? She stole Mariah’s journal and plagiarized her most personal thoughts in her song. Lola piques interest by saying that she may have done something way worse but won’t tell them because she plans to get away with it. Summer sends Kyle a text – she really needs to talk.

As Mariah goes to get drinks, Kyle answers the door and tells Summer it’s not a good time. ‘Snowflake’, Mariah asks what in the world she’s doing there. Can I please come in? You’re having a party? Summer states the obvious. She probably followed us here to spoil our night, Mariah scowls. Lay off, Kyle’s sure Lola understands that he can’t turn his back on a friend. She’s never been a friend to you, Mariah blurts out. Lola suggests they go – let Kyle deal with whatever this is. Thanking the ladies as they leave, Kyle’s left to guess this has to do with Billy.