Wednesday, October 17th

When Charlie feels guilty about having fun while his Mom’s stuck in prison, Devon understands – he felt he was disrespecting Hilary if he wasn’t mourning 24/7. Your Mom wants you to enjoy your senior year at school.

Back at the club, Nate badgers Cane – it’s not like you to let Lily down. Cane feels like he’s making things harder for Lily – last time he went the visit was strained. Nate doesn’t let Cane off the hook. The visits got difficult for YOU so you took an easy out – but it’s Lily who has to go back to a cell. She needs you now more than ever. A frustrated Cane’s left to order a drink at the bar (where an equally stressed Billy appears to order a double)

No, Billy’s not going to ask Cane for a job. I’m my own worst enemy, he sighs – oh wait, that’s you. That’s both of us, they agree. Cane confides that he did something unforgivable today.

At the club, Mariah can’t believe Kyle let Summer hijack their evening. DO you understand? she asks Lola (who’s silent) Tessa suggests Summer might really be going through a crisis but Lola has to wonder whether Kyle left the door open for Summer and she knows it.

Summer whines to Kyle – she feels sick and wants to leave town to avoid facing everyone. You’re no coward, Kyle tells ‘champ’ that it’s time to make changes in her life. You’ve got this. You can do whatever you put your mind too. He can’t wait to see what’s next for Summer. Thank you, she leans in for a hug.

Lola having left, Mariah can’t believe Kyle wrecked his date with her (she’s so much better than Summer) Yes, she agrees with Tessa that Summer could be in crisis – or she could be playing games. Maybe she doesn’t want Kyle to be with anyone else. When Kyle appears on cue in hopes of salvaging their evening, Marian quickly informs that it’s too late – you blew it.

Summer finds her Mom sobbing in the CEO office. Go away, I don’t want to talk to you, Phyllis manages to say. Summer comes in anyway to say that she’s sorry. Phyllis is sorry too – I blamed you but Billy hurt us both. We’re better off without that loser ~hug~

Commiserating over drinks at the bar, Billy will never understand why Lily puts up with Cane. She’s a wonderful woman – unlike Phyllis. No, they won’t be getting back together. He went scorched earth this time. It felt right at the moment but I went too far and did damage that can’t be undone, he now shows regret.

Next: Nick digs for information about Rey …. Dina shares a secret …. Sharon stands her ground.