Friday, October 19th

Seated at ‘John’s’ desk, Dina finally finds the document she’s looking for (a signed contract giving Ashley all rights to any patents belonging to any ideas she conceived at Jabot – excluding all others) Eureka! she yelps. Seated in the reception area, Billy and Ted hear her and wonder what’s going on in the office.

Jack gets no pleasure seeing Phyllis like this. You and your brother are night and day, she smiles through her tears. She knows she hurt Billy but really wanted to get him back on track. He wanted to hurt me and did so like a champ. When you open up your heart to someone, they know how to break it. How do you do it? Forgive the unforgivable? Phyllis declares Jack a good man. What Billy and I did to you was selfish and heartless. How could I be so blind? she’s deeply sorry and hopes Jack can forgive her. He did, a long time ago.

Dina can’t wait to show this document to Ashley and refuses to give it to Kyle. Take me home or you’ll be looking for another job. Kyle will be looking for a new job if this goes public. Was this your idea? This is a present to Ashley, to prove that I loved her as much as Jack and that I’m a good Mother. Take me home, Dina again demands. Kyle doesn’t believe that John agreed to this; he’d have been crazy to hand over the keys to the kingdom by signing that. He signed it, Dina gushes over his beautiful handwriting. Take me home, she repeats.

At CL’s, Nikki reads a story to Christian then pulls out a colouring book and crayons. Seconds later Rey stops by to meet Rey, Nick appears to kiss his Mom on the cheek and give Rey the cold shoulder. No, Nikki didn’t get Nick’s message, or any messages – she turned her phone off when Christian napped. Reading a text, her smile vanishes – I need to go to a charity meeting. What the heck was that? Nick’s left to ask Rey (who has no idea – but the same thing happened to Sharon at work today)

Phyllis works furiously on Vikki’s laptop to track the email. Once they have a name, Sharon will search the police database. Nikki wonders if someone saw them at the park. Phyllis will know in a few seconds exactly who they’re dealing with.

Rey gives Christian a toy police car – they keep them at the station for any kids who come in. Nick then mentions Rey’s wife – I’m on to you.

Dina wants the document back. What were you thinking? Kyle lashes out – if you want to be Mother of the Year give Ashley a car; leave her the house – not all the patents for all the products she created for Jabot (which is practically all of them) She owns all the major product lines. Apologizing for snapping at Dina, Kyle made a mistake – and this is a mistake. I’ll take care of it, he promises.

Billy comes home to hear Jack leaving a message for Kyle. He has Dina locked in the CEO office, he tattles. He claims he’s calming her down but doesn’t seem to be doing a good job of it.

Dina stands her ground with Kyle and is sure John will come to her rescue. She wants Kyle gone and this stays with me – for Ashey.

Phyllis explains that the blackmailer is using a VPN – a digital mask – we can’t find out who sent the email – they know what they’re doing. He/she could be anywhere in the world or around the corner. They know where the body’s buried – literally. We need to move it. Eeeuuw – Sharon knows what happens to a dead body after this amount of time. She marches out to enjoy her last evening with her daughters before she’s arrested and sent to prison (where I belong)