Friday, October 19th

Rey knows what it looks like but nothing’s going on with Sharon. Is that what you tell yourself? How would you like it if your wife cozied up to another man? Nick knows he screwed up but Sharon belongs with him and his kids. That’s how it’ll end. Keep playing the knight in shining armor but know that you’re standing between me and my family. Do the right thing – stay out of this. Rey’s left to think.

Looking at his watch, Jack scolds Billy for having a drink so early. He saw Phyllis earlier. Did she throw herself at you? Billy’s snide. She didn’t say anything negative about you but I can tell you hit a new low. Billy’s glad his plan worked – Phyllis isn’t blowing up his phone with apologies. Well, Jack got one. Billy thinks that if Jack wants to save someone it should be his Mother (from Kyle)

No, Dina won’t leave the paperwork until tomorrow. What if you lose them? Is that the only copy? Kyle suggests they put them back in the safe; nice and secure. Ashley WILL get to see them. Dina relents.

Mariah comes home to find her Mom emotional. I’m fine, Sharon insists she’s just hungry and looks forward to dinner and movie night (as does Mariah). Getting a crank call from an unknown number, Mariah reports it’s the tenth one today. It’s not a robocall; she hears someone breathing. Don’t freak out but I get the feeling that someone’s following me. Of course Sharon’s going to freak out – I’m your Mother! Mariah has more alarming news; someone was following her when she drove home from the station. No, Mariah didn’t get a look at the driver or license plate and blaming it on a true crime podcast goes to pour some wine.

Now at his desk, Rey opens his drawerful of toy police cars and takes one out to ponder it.

At Dark Horse, Nick talks to Christian as he plays with his new car. Everyone makes mistakes, he adds that he’ll make this one right.

Hiding in her kitchen, Sharon makes a hissed call to Vikki, Phyllis and Nikki (on speakerphone) If they come for my kids it’s game over! What do these people have to do to prove that they will win!? She’s visibly relieved when Nikki decides to pay up tonight – she promises to keep them all safe.

Kyle must have left his keys on the desk. And you call yourself a chauffeur? Dina quips as he heads back into the office. He’s about to shred the document when Dina comes in to grab his wrist. It’s for the best, for everyone, Kyle says as they wrestle over the shredder.