Thursday, November 1st

Now at CL’s, the other three ladies debate. JT won’t risk exposing himself but he might make it his mission in life to torment us.

Good morning, Abby quickly guesses that Nick slept at Dark Horse. What happened with Sharon? she makes another guess. I still love her, Nick mopes.

The debate continues. JT’s not dead or he is and someone re-buried him elsewhere. Rey saunters into the coffee house to ask about their charity cause. The station’s activities department has asked him to sponsor something. How can I help?

Summer’s hiring a decorator to eradicate any trace of her Mom’s predecessors from her new office. Phyllis would rather make her stamp with her work. OK. A facelift, she agrees when Lauren piles on. First to go into the cardboard box; Ashley’s innovator of the year award. Next; a framed Abbott family photo followed by the painting behind the desk. Kyle and Billy reporting in nice and early both make a play for COO. PHYLLIS IS HONOURED to have already accepted the job.

This isn’t the right project for you – there’s not much left to do, the ladies claim. Rey wonders what charity they’re working on. Collecting clothes (though
Nikki and Sharon simultaneously give two recipients; New Hope and something related to the crisis line) It’s both. Sharon covers well and has Rey escort her to her car.

Nick rants to Abby – why can’t Sharon stand by him? It was just one night! What grand gesture will win Sharon back? Just back off, Abby snaps.