Thursday, November 1st

After Phyllis asks Billy to resume his role in marketing, Lauren brings Kerry in. Not impressed by the Girl Power, the boys hope they won’t be marginalized in their own family business. When Billy takes the portrait, Phyllis asks him to take the box home too. Close the door ‘sweetie, Lauren dismisses him then shares a smirk with Phyllis and Kerry.

Respect Sharon enough to give her space – don’t force the issue, Abby advises. Nick continues to rant ‘n rave.

Phyllis’ plan is to get every product not made by Ashley back into production. Lauren’s onboard; promote them as classics – timeless beauty – new and improved products. And while Kerry’s tweaking the formulas, Phyllis will fill the rest of the shelf space with products from around the world. It’s brilliant! Lauren cackles, while Kerry appreciates the time to work on her own chemical compositions.

At the station, Rey’s sorry he missed Sharon last night. Nick and I got into it, she confides. I told him it was over. I won’t forgive or forget. Someone has to break the cycle. If you need support you know where to find me, Rey says. Perched on her desk, his intensity sends Sharon scurrying off.

Sharon returns to her desk to make it clear that she’s not looking for a relationship. Only offering friendship, Rey always wants honesty too. His wife? He’s making some progress in getting her to GC.

At the club, Billy and Kyle are trying to form a game plan. Billy warns Kyle that he won’t play dirty. We must outplay Phyllis cleanly.

Someone could be watching us right now, Vikki leans into her Mother as they gaze at the spot where JT’s body should have been. We can’t be sure of anything. It’s so scary ~hug~