Tuesday, November 6th

Sharon’s surprised to run into Mac at the station. After Rey escorts her into an office, Sharon calls Vikki with an update; Mac’s here and she seems upset.

Kyle doesn’t have a chemistry degree but learned a lot from his Aunt Ashley (and hopes to continue with Kerry) Are you suggesting conspiring with me to take down Phyllis the same way you conspired with Ashley to take Billy down? No, Kyle respects Phyllis. So does Kerry – and that’s why she’s relaying this entire conversation to her.

In a visiting room, Mac expresses her need for answers. Rey thinks he’s closer after finding this. Holding the watch, Mac tears up as she recalls how much JT loved the anniversary gift. Where did you find it?

Skinny and sweet, Billy appears at CL’s to say. But he’s looking for coffee sweetener not complimenting Summer. You must be happy that your parents are back together. Summer asks Billy who’s next for revenge sex. Maybe you can get back at my Grandpa by seducing Nikki. Watching Summer march out, Jack asks Billy ‘what the hell was that’?

Picking up his takeout at the club, Kyle answers a call from Phyllis; who’s received a full report from Kerry. She doesn’t waste any time, Kyle mutters before it becomes apparent that Phyllis called for another reason. She’s giving him a chance to prove himself.

Back at CL’s, Billy claims he doesn’t care that Phyllis slept with Nick – but we can’t work together. Jack feels that he’s missing something – Phyllis talks like you did something worse than she did. Kerry then takes Jack aside to accuse him of trying to squeeze her for information (like Kyle did) You both want Phyllis to fail.

Over coffee at the club, Vikki questions Mac (who tells her about the watch Detective Rosales thinks a ‘significant’ lead)

Whoa – Jack doesn’t want Phyllis to fail. Kerry’s working day and night to get Jabot back on track. As head of the family, she wants him to lead by example (and give Phyllis a chance) Summoned back to the lab, Kerry accepts a ride from Jack. As they leave, Sharon joins Billy. Knowing she’ll hear the news soon enough, Billy informs that Phyllis and Nick are hooking up.