Tuesday, November 6th

Becca and DJ are OK, Mac tells Vikki. Detective’s Rosales’ optimism makes her believe that they’ll soon have answers on what happened to JT.

Summer’s surprised to find Kyle in her Mom’s office. He’s much friendlier now and eager to discuss the virtual dressing room project (but surprised Summer wants him onboard after he was such a jerk to her earlier) He’ll call to cancel his plans with Lola so they can work tonight. If you insist, Summer’s left to smile.

Billy doubts Phyllis will last long at Jabot (or with Nick) Sharon doesn’t care what Nick does. Then don’t make excuses for him, Billy implores – Nick’s lying and you deserve better.

Billy admires the way Sharon’s handling her split with Nick. If you ever want to shake things up, you have my number. I sure do, Sharon smiles as Billy exits.

After a productive meeting with Lauren, Phyllis finds Summer in her office. What’s going on with you and Dad? Summer asks bluntly. Phyllis isn’t sure – how do you feel about it? Summer wants her Mom to move on – but is this the way to go about it?

Mac hugs Vikki and leaves Abby to wonder what she’s doing in town. Yes, she knows about the watch because Arturo found it. Where? Laying in the dirt at Chancellor Park. How did JT’s watch end up getting buried there? Abby’s puzzled.

Rey calls an end to Arturo’s work day. The construction site is now relabelled as a crime scene.