Friday, November 23rd

Rey doesn’t understand why Mia put the brakes on the one thing she’s wanted to happen since she got here. It has to be ‘real’, Mia wants to fix their problems, not distract from them with sex. Be honest, she demands.

Sharon will just get Faith’s book and be out of Nick’s hair in a minute. Oh, Phyllis must have stayed over, she finds a blue bra. When Phyllis enters blathering on about getting her video games out of storage, Sharon’s eyes widen – you’re living here?!

Vikky lays out how she’d frame Tessa for JT’s murder. We (the four conspirators) all saw you with him. You’ve got history with the Newmans (stealing Nikki’s gun that was used in a murder, Noah – Reed; Vikki suspected she stole while giving him guitar lessons – plagiarizing Mariah) Vikki then pulls a tiny camera off the wall and rips open the teddy bear to reveal the money and thumbdrive.

Jack’s fascinated by Jabot’s new mystery woman. My story would put you to sleep, Kerry jokes – she mostly grew up in boarding schools. Jack gushes about holidays when he was growing up. His Mom left when he was 15. Kerry’s parents divorced when she was 10 (a relief by then) She spent most of her time reading or in a lab. On a more personal note, Kerry thinks Jack a romantic.

Phyllis doesn’t know what the problem is. There isn’t one – why wait when you know what you want? Sharon’s sorry to interrupt. Enjoy your housewarming, she leaves with Faith’s book.

So much for your proof, Vikki snarks as she also packs up the money. Tessa hopes she can stay in GC without going down for JT’s murder. Tell me where his body is, Vikki demands. It wasn’t me, Tessa promises – she has no idea.

Sharon drops by to see Vikki but finds a willing and sympathetic ear from Billy. He can tell that she just found out about Phyllis moving in with Nick.

Now in the livingroom, Rey insists that he does want the marriage but …. But what? Mia wants to work through it. She knows it’s not in his nature to express himself. What’s stopping you from fixing this? Fear, Rey admits.

Jack hopes that he and Phyllis will stay friends. She’d be a fool not to, Kerry says. Asked about her past, she’s had boyfriends but never found ‘the one’. To finding that elusive partner, Jack clinks Kerry’s glass.

At Vikki’s, Billy’s can relate to Sharon feeling hurt by Nick and Phyllis ‘shacking up’. But don’t feel angry – we’re the winners in this. Nick and Phyllis just lost the best things that ever happened to them.