Monday, November 26th

Wheeling her suitcase in, Mariah’s surprised to find Tessa up and waiting to confront her. Vikki was here – you told them I was the blackmailer, she accuses.

Nikki’s at Vikki’s to credit her with the way she handled Tessa – well done, darling. Vikki’s proud of herself too – but we still need to find out who moved JT’s body – and why.

When Cane drops by the penthouse, Shawna chats for a bit but is vague on Devon’s whereabouts then admits she has no idea where he is – he didn’t come home last night.

Phyllis joins Devon at the clubs’ bar. He reports that he’s taking Jack’s advice and getting on with his life. Phyllis is there for Devon – everyone who loved Hilary loves you too.

Tessa updates – if she goes to the police, Vikki will frame her for JT’s murder. Mariah has no involvement in Vikki blackmailing Tessa, but yes, she told her Mom. Tessa then admits that she had a backup drive. Why am I surprised? Mariah now knows that Tessa lied to her yet again. Yes, but her love never wavered – can Mariah say the same??

Is it common for Devon to stay out and not say where he’s going? Shawna might have missed Devon saying where he was going – she had her earbuds in. Nate arrives – and after Shawna leaves – confides in Cane that Devon’s not OK.

At CL’s, Kyle gives Lola a kiss that shows her how much he missed her. He didn’t go to the cabin for the weekend (and would rather plan a weekend they can both go) Saying she’ll check her schedule, a vague Lola leaves abruptly, leaving Kyle disappointed.

Hearing that Devon threw a big party while the rest of the family spent Thanksgiving visiting Lily, Cane tells Nate that he needs to find out if Devon’s planning to shut his sister out again. On cue, Devon comes home to ask what’s going on. That’s what Cane’s there to find out. Where’ve you been all night?