Friday, November 23rd

Playing video games, Phyllis and Nick discuss Sharon (but it’s losing the video game that Nick pretends to be bothered by)

Vikki hopes Tessa’s telling the truth. As you’ve seen – I’ll find out of you’re not. Tessa’s left to sit with her un-stuffed teddy bear.

Billy continues to tell Sharon what she needs to hear – Nick and Phyllis will get what they deserve. Sharon does feel better thanks. What’s the worlds smallest and most erratic support group for? he jokes with a hug. When Vikki comes home, she tells Billy that yes – crisis at work was averted, for the most part. Sharon eyeballs her.

Mia’s skeptical – since when has Rey ever been afraid of anything? He can’t get over his fear that she’ll turn to Arturo again. And he can’t get past what she did to him. Mia thinks they can fix HER mistake if they continue to communicate. I hate what I did, she sniffles. You really mean that? Yes, I only want you.

The vintage bottle of wine empty, Jack will go down to the cellar to get another. Kerry immediately pulls out her phone and starts typing.

Returning with wine and glasses, Jack gets at text from Kerry. She called a car to take her home because she has to be in the lab early. ‘Thanks for an enchanting and delicious Thanksgiving’.

Mia knows it’s a leap of faith – but you can trust me, I promise ~kiss~ Rey looks unconvinced.

Phyllis has nothing to be sorry about, Nick just wanted to tell Sharon in his own way – she’s the one who walked in. Phyllis would understand if Nick wasn’t over Sharon. He insists he is ~kiss~ And now it’s time for more video games.

After Billy leaves, Sharon tells Vikki that she did indeed come by because she was upset that Phyllis had moved in with Nick. Tell me some good news (like we aren’t going to prison!) Tessa won’t say anything. Vikki’s plan to flush her out worked. The bad news; Tessa never saw or moved JT’s body. Who else knows what we did!? Sharon worries.