Monday, November 26th

Tessa is upset that Mariah told on her without so much as a heads up. Mariah moved back in thinking she had the only copy of the flashdrive – to see if the relationship was worth saving. Looking deeply hurt, Tessa grabs her coat and leaves Mariah looking equally sad.

Phyllis is now at Vikki’s – we’ve been terrorized by a singing barista. Nikki sees no humour in it. All three wondering why someone moved JT’s body (and who), Nikki excuses herself to take a call from Victor (in Dubai) Phyllis quietly hisses at Vikki – maybe he moved the body.

Victor reports a successful business trip – it’s a buyers market – he needs someone to run the new office. Nikki will get the headhunters working on it. No need, Victor already has someone in mind.

Vikki points out that her Dad didn’t even know JT was dead until AFTER Nick confessed to impersonating him. And the sculpture was already installed. Who else then? Jack? Nick? Billy? No, he wouldn’t turn you and Sharon in, Phyllis doubts – then hears that Vikki came home to find Billy consoling Sharon. He seems to be more grown up. Phyllis isn’t buying it and warns Vikki not to either – for her own sake.

Cane and Nate gently scold Devon (Shawna was worried) Devon didn’t intend to stay out all night but it won’t be the last time. He’s a busy man. Show yourselves out, Devon’s going up to take a shower. So, you’re not going to ask about your sister? Cane says disapprovingly.

Seated at the club with Summer, Nikki updates – your Grandpa’s looking for someone young and hungry he can mentor to run the Dubai office. No, this isn’t about sticking it to Nick. Summer enjoys working at Fenmore’s. Yes, but you’d be learning the business from the best, Victor. As the head of NE’s real estate division and Summer’s grandmother, Nikki applies pressures – declining this offer might be a mistake Summer comes to regret.

At Jabot, Kyle’s all business but can spare 6 minutes for Summer’s question. Hearing about the job offer in Dubai, he thinks it the chance of a lifetime – when do you leave? What’s there to think about? Kyle would have jumped at the chance. There’s nothing tying you here. Summer has her parents … and you. Kyle rules himself out as a factor; I’m happy with Lola now. Really? Then why is Lola posting about her brother on social media – not you? I appreciate and get you – we’d be so good together, Summer sighs – I’m too late. Kyle will always care about Summer (but that’s it)

Cane wishes Devon would stop using work as an excuse. Work is the distraction Devon needs not to wallow in his loss – it’s how he’s surviving right now.

Nikki returns to Vikki’s to update that Nick’s desire to compete with NE in real estate has given Victor new drive. He’ll come home to questions from the police but Nikki would never involve him in their JT mess. As she takes a quick call from Summer (who’s accepting the job offer) Vikki lets Mariah in. After everything I risked and lost, I at least expected your trust, Mariah fumes.