Monday, November 26th

Vikki didn’t tell Tessa that she got the information from Mariah. No, but she figured it out and feels betrayed. Nikki suspects Tessa’s more upset about the 230K Vikki too back (which Tessa had hidden in a teddy bear) Thinking it had been donated to charity, Mariah can’t believe she fell for a compulsive liar. Nikki and Vikki are sympathetic – you have a decision to make.

Summer’s in her Mom’s office to announce that she’s quitting Fenmore’s. Lauren already knows, she hands over a resignation letter. No, this isn’t about Billy – Summer’s just realized that what she’s looking for in life isn’t here (at least not now)

Kyle’s summoned Lola to the club. Listing all the stuff she posted online about doing with Arturo over the weekend, he wonders why she was too busy to go to the cabin. Scared of bears? Not into romance? Lola believes romance just means things men do to get sex.

Devon comes back down to find Cane still there – don’t you have to go to work too? Cane’s sorry for being insensitive – if Devon wants to talk they can go for beers sometime. That’s cool – what isn’t is Devon being scolded like he’s in high school. Yes, he IS a ‘different guy’. Everything’s different.

Tessa returns to the apartment to find Mariah holding the teddy bear. Yes, she does lie by default. I’m not good enough for you, Tessa wonders why Mariah’s still there. Go – leave me alone. Mariah doesn’t want to leave Tessa alone; she can’t just take her heart out and put it on a shelf.

Just say it – you want to have sex, Lola’s outburst turns heads. Of course, Kyle wants to have sex with Lola – he’s attracted to her in a lot of ways. If things are moving too fast, he’ll slow down. Lola doesn’t want to break up with Kyle. She then stuns him – when we have sex, it’ll be my first time.

Summer’s unattached so figures it’s a good time to go away on an adventure. She has a job offer in Dubai. Grandpa hand picked me for NE’s real estate division. Phyllis rips the resignation letter in half – you’ll work for Victor over my dead body, she vows.