Tuesday, November 27th

‘I’m so glad you’re here’, Rey jumps up from his desk to apologize to Sharon (who doesn’t think he or Mia owe her an apology) If anyone’s sorry it’s Sharon for eavesdropping as they made dinner plans. Thinking pizza not good enough for date night, Sharon pulls a gift card out of her purse; dinner for two at Top of The Tower. Have a wonderful time with your wife – I insist.

At Devon’s, all sit to chat and catch up with Anna (who’s there thanks to Nate and Neil) She gave up on a singing career and went back to college. Devon’s thrilled with the idea of Anna taking over Tessa’s job as his assistant (again, Neil’s doing)

Abby tells Lola that Arturo’s out of the office – are you OK? I’m great with solving relationship problems. Lola confides that her ‘friend’ is a virgin. Saying all the wrong things, Abby blathers on until she realizes that Lola’s talking about herself, not a friend.

On the CL’s patio, Kyle’s not sure what to text Lola. When Mariah joins him, he confides that he ran out on Lola to handle a work issue. Oh, and she’s a virgin. Mariah’s horrified that Kyle’s so shallow – you probably reacted like a deer in the headlights. Kyle feels under pressure (if he’s ‘the first’) Maybe Lola’s not saving herself for marriage – maybe she’s just saving herself for someone better than you, Mariah concludes.

Rey can’t accept the gift card – it’s too much. It’s about to expire, Sharon insists he makes a reservation and tells Mia there’s been a change of plans. She’ll love you for it, trust me, Sharon goes into the hallway to frown.

Sharon and Rey are staring at one another when Mia enters the station to ask ‘how do I look’? She’s so excited about going to Top of The Tower. Sharon watches as they leave hand in hand.

At the elevator, Lola and Abby discuss Lola’s virginity and Kyle’s confusing reaction. He didn’t even seem to want the lunch she brought him. Abby suggests Lola talk to Kyle – he just needs time to process what you told him. Give him a chance ~hug~

Back on the patio, Mariah’s sorry for giving Kyle a hard time (and also suggests that he and Lola need to talk) Her not wanting to jump into bed right away isn’t a bad thing.

Seated and going over menus at Top of The Tower, Mia wonders if they can afford this – and why the change of plans? Someone told Rey about this place and he’s determined to ‘put in the work’. Mia couldn’t be happier.

Back in the Dark Horse conference room, Abby’s furious that Nick wasn’t interested in acquiring the building she was so excited about. She then rants some more about the inexperienced Summer getting a job in Dubai. Arturo reminds Abby that she doesn’t need anyone else to validate her worth – prove Nick and Victor wrong.

As Devon and Anna continue to catch up, Nate and Cane quietly hope that Devon’s good spirits last.