Tuesday, November 27th

Sharing dessert, Mia declares the evening ‘heaven’. Rey’s glad to be on the same page and promising to be quick excuses himself to take a call from the station. Mia’s puzzled when the waitress brings the bill over to ‘Mrs Newman’ (the name on the gift card) Having signed for the meal, Mia works to keep her smile in place when Rey returns to ask if everything’s OK. Yes, perfect, she lies.

Back at CL’s, Sharon reiterates to Mariah that she wants things to work out between Rey and Mia. Getting a text, she excuses herself to read it.

Also at CL’s, Mia’s eager to get upstairs. Rey looks over at Sharon before Mia drags him out by the hand.

Arturo encourages Abby to buy the property on her own (and is rewarded with a kiss)

In the apartment, Rey and Mia both had a great night – but he still wants to take things one step at a time (as agreed) Rey will let Mia know when he’s ready for ‘this’ (and heads into the bedroom alone)

Having a private chat in the hallway, Nate thanks Anna for dropping everything to come to GC. She’s excited about the opportunity but Neil gave her the impression that Devon’s really depressed. He’s struggling, Nate (and Neil) want Anna to keep an eye on Devon without him knowing. We can’t be obvious or he’ll see through it, Anna warns. Knowing that Devon’s in a downward spiral, Nate thinks Anna might be the only one who can stop him.

Next: Summer takes on a new challenge … Mia stirs the pit with Arturo … Abby takes a risk.

My Thoughts: Why would Abby need Arturo to tell her to buy the building she thinks will make her a superstar? Didn’t she go behind Victor’s back to start that ‘incubator’ project? She does have half a billion in the bank after all. That said, what’s the sudden interest in real estate? If Abby wants to be a superstar she should revise her Naked Heiress role …. Where can I get one of these restaurant gift cards that don’t seem to have a limit (but an expiry date) … Why wasn’t Mariah (or Tessa) offered the apartment above CL’s? … Lola can’t be that smart if she’s foolish enough to give her ‘gift’ to a shallow jerk like Kyle … Why would Anna give up her singing career before asking her billionaire brother for some help?