Friday, November 30th

The kids upstairs, Cane and Devon butt heads again. Cane’s sure he’s doing the right thing for everyone. Devon disagrees; he’s breaking his promise to Hilary. How would she feel about drugs being here? Cane asks Devon to ‘let it go’. Live your life for you, not Hilary. So Lily took her and you’re trying to erase her from my memory, Devon concludes.

Please, tell me more about my husband, Mia and Sharon face off as all watch. No, Sharon doesn’t ‘understand’ the Rosales’ marriage. Rey should be home soon, I’m sure you’ll have a lot to talk about, Mia says. Deciding it’s time to go, Sharon runs into Rey on the patio. Mia was fine, she lies. Rey knows better – what happened?

After Cane and Charlie step out, Devon and Shawna share an emotional goodbye. She’ll always have a home here and anything else she needs. You did live up to your promise to Hilary, a weepy Shawna leaves Devon looking alone and devastated.

Sharon doesn’t want to discuss it – she tried but it’s too complicated; Mia and I won’t be friends. Rey’s trying to make his marriage work but isn’t sure he can forgive Mia. He’s trying – but contrary to Mia’s innuendos, they aren’t sleeping together. Rey’s not sure if that’s because he pictures Mia in bed with Arturo or because he pictures himself with someone else.

Upstairs, Lola reassures Mia that the party went well – you’ll get lots of business. As Vikki and Nikki leave, Mia rushes over to give them business cards (and then Ester, who’s having a party next week)

Back on the patio, Rey confides that he’s fighting with Mia, fighting his feelings – fighting with everyone except Sharon. They seem about to kiss when Mia appears to take Rey upstairs to celebrate how well the evening went. Bidding the Rosales’ good night as they pass, Vikki grumbles ‘what a colossal waste of time’ but Nikki ‘kinda likes’ Mia. She then gets a call from the ranch. Hello? What!? We’ll be right there. OMG – the stables are on fire!