Friday, November 30th

Upstairs, Mia worries that no one’s coming. It’s called being fashionably late, Lola’s supportive – then told that Mia’s wearing a copy of a 5K dress. The hostess with the mostest then welcomes Vikki and Phyllis warmly (Sharon not so much)

Shawna will miss Devon but feels leaving is the right thing to do (and no, it’s not because of Cane) She agrees that the penthouse will always feel like home but Thanksgiving with her family went really well. When Cane arrives with Charlie, the kids share a hug.

As expected, Mike isn’t happy that Fen quit law school; his heart just isn’t in it. He met a girl at a bar who plays on campus and started singing with her onstage. The Baldwins are also shocked to hear that Fen’s moving back in with them.

Mia dismisses Ester to focus on her more important guests; the ‘titans’, Vikki and Phyllis. She’s surprised Sharon came – she didn’t think hair and makeup were her thing. Sharon declines a makeover – maybe later. Abby arrives wearing the same dress as Mia (but wastes no time loudly pointing out that hers is a knockoff)

Fen’s already made a demo for Hamilton Winters; he’ll keep trying until they sign him. Mike’s pessimistic but Lauren’s more understanding; she dated Danny Romaloti when she was Fen’s age. Let’s all sleep on it and talk in the morning. OK, but Fen knows what he wants and won’t be talked out of it.

Charlie can’t believe Shawna’s leaving – I’ll miss you. Neither want to break up; they’ll have a long distance relationship. Aside, Devon blames Cane for ripping this family apart.

Vikki and Abby have a quiet chat. Abby won’t be intimidated by Mia (who made it very clear that she had Arturo first) or play her games. Mia’s delighted when Nikki arrives – don’t mind the paint (she’ll have to talk to the ‘old lady’ who owns the place about that) Nikki mentions that Rey’s investigating the murder of her daughter’s ex-husband. Yes, it takes up all his time, Mia complains again. Oh? Are there any breaks in the case? Nikki asks innocently.

Aside, Cane’s sorry it had to be like this. Charlie asks if Shawna can move in with them if things don’t go well in Colorado. Cane doesn’t think so – this sucks but we’ll get through it.

Who’s this? Mandy Moore? Ester admires her makeover in the mirror – lock up your men ladies. You can have mine if he keeps working such long hours, Mia jokes – women like us have needs. Abby compliments Ester but doesn’t need Mia’s anti-aging creams thanks. The four ladies whisper in the corner – Mia doesn’t know anything about the investigation; how long do we have to play nice? Hearing Abby say that Lola’s snacks are better than sex, Mia comments that she and Arturo must be doing it wrong. When Lauren arrives (Kerry canceled) Mia wants to combine their ‘power’. Phyllis and Lauren will think about hiring her. When Mia again complains about Rey’s long hours, Sharon defends his ‘noble calling’ – he works day and night to make the world a better place.