Friday, November 30th

Mike joins Lauren at the club as she’s plastering on makeup (Kerry’s new colours) And tonight we’re going to a party being hosted by a new makeup artist in town. Mike’s distracted – doesn’t that guy over there look like Fenmore? Hi Mom, hi Dad (it is indeed Fen)

Shawna’s all packed up and ready to go. Please don’t leave, Devon comes downstairs to implore – it’s wrong.

Organizing, Mia will do her makeovers there and the bar will be set up over there. How much is this costing? Rey wonders as he unpacks bottle after bottle of booze. Mia must impress the most ‘cutthroat’ ladies in town.

Downstairs, at CL’s, Vikki and Phyllis hope Sharon’s right about Tessa not being a problem. She better not be or she’ll also find herself 6 feet under a sculpture in the park, Phyllis’ threat raises Vikki’s eyebrow.

Setting up the bar, Rey thinks Mia’s putting herself under a lot of pressure – if they don’t show up it’s no big deal. He IS being supportive – everyone will love you – it just might take a bit of time, he cautions. Arriving with food, Lola’s instructed not to make a mess.

On the patio, Sharon asks Rey if her being invited to Mia’s party was his idea – or is she walking into a trap?

Seated with his parents Fen explains that he got in late last night so got a room at the club so as not to wake them up. He brought a lot of stuff; in fact ALL his stuff; everything he owns. Why? Fen’s quitting law school to become a musician.

Mia wants you there, Rey explains to Sharon that she wants to set up her business. He won’t be there; it’s women only (and Lola the ‘runt’) Sharon’s not sure she can make it. As Rey leaves, Phyllis and Vikki arrive to say that they’re going to the party too. We should all get chummy with the detective’s wife. We may be ‘power players’ but we aren’t safe until JT’s body is found.