Monday, December 3rd

OMG! Watching the stables burn, Nikki and Vikki are about to hop out of the car to rescue the horses and stable hands when Rey jumps in to stop them by saying that all are safe. Yes, he can order the Newmans off the property because this is an ongoing investigation. The head of security called the station earlier to report a trespasser.

Devon comes down to give Anna the cold shoulder as he heads out (for the night)

Tessa and Mariah are both reading in bed. Giving up and tossing her book aside, Mariah tucks herself in. No, she doesn’t want to talk – she needs sleep. Good night, Tessa turns the light off and gets back into bed. Though neither seems tired, the next thing you know, Tessa’s waking up to an empty bed and Mariah’s already on the CL’s patio demanding Kyle’s help.

Having spent the night at Vikki’s, Nikki’s all in a dither because she can’t reach Victor. He’s disappeared!

Devon staggers to his front door wearing his ever-present sunglasses. Nate comes in to pick up his keys – no lecture, just a helping hand. Walking Devon inside, Nate tattles to Anna that he has a hangover. With barely more than a grunt for ‘yes’, Devon agrees to accept Nate’s help and crumples onto the sofa in seemingly great pain.

Ending a call without getting any info, Vikki tells her Mom that they can’t go to the ranch – Detective Rosales is still there investigating. What is he looking for?! Nikki frets. Nick drops by to update that the stables are a total loss; the house is OK. When Nikki hopes the fire had a natural cause (as opposed to an alternative) Nick wonders what’s going on that he doesn’t know about.

Kyle’s puzzled – so, Tessa did something bad enough that Mariah’s debating leaving her, but can’t tell him what she did. Talking about lies and broken trust, Mariah doesn’t understand what’s making her stay – stupidity? No, love, Kyle corrects.

As Ted’s telling Fen that Lauren’s out at a conference for the day, Lola brings him a new menu. Making introductions, Ted’s confused – is it Fenmore Fenmore? No – Baldwin, Fen’s suddenly interested in spicy food. Nice try dude – but Lola has a boyfriend, Ted says. Tomorrow’s another day, Fen seems determined.