Monday, December 3rd

Vikki and Nick basically tell Nikki to stop worrying and go up to bed. Nick fumes – would it kill Dad to call and check on his wife? Vikki would rather focus on Mom than bash Dad – aren’t you worried about him? Nick’s only worry is that Victor’s off plotting to take him and Dark Horse down.

Mariah continues to vent to Kyle – why don’t I leave Tessa? Finally able to get a word in, Kyle points out that he wasn’t able to get a word in. Fen then appears to chat with his ‘friends’. Is Summer around? No, she’s in Dubai. OK, Fen looks forward to checking out GC’s dating scene.

Nick grumbles about his Dad leaving Summer on her own in Dubai. Vikki’s wasn’t going to mention his bouncing between Sharon and Phyllis but – really? The kids are OK? She really thought Phyllis and Billy would get back together. Phyllis has ruled that out – just as Sharon did with me, Nick assures. That’s what Sharon decided – what about you? Vikki asks.

Devon’s in agony as Nate and Anna loudly make a hangover cure as they scold and insist they just want what’s best for him. The noise is part of the process, Nate explains. He and Anna laugh quietly and fist bump as the blender causes Devon further pain.

Fen updates Mariah and Kyle that he plans to pursue a career in music. He’s optimistic that Devon will sign him. Perhaps Mariah can help. If Fen’s demo is any good, she’ll have him on the show. Fen turns down the offer; his audience is late night TV. And back to talking about girls, Fen eyes Lola as she comes in and jumps up to introduce her to his friends. Mariah can barely hide her grin at Fen’s reaction to Lola kissing Kyle.

Nate lists stomach turning ingredients as he hands Devon his hangover cure (seaweed, raw eggs, yeast etc.) Drinking it back, Devon declares it ‘not bad’. With another mini-lecture, Nate leaves Anna to take over.

As Nick and Vikki discuss Rey investigating JT’s murder, Nikki reappears in tears – Victor’s phone is out of service and emails bounce back. I’m really worried about him.

Vikki tries calling Victor and gets the same message. What’s going on with your Father? Nikki gapes.

Lola’s only with you because she doesn’t know me, Fen will just sit back and wait until Kyle screws it up (as usual) Not this time, Kyle claims as Lola goes to chat with Rey (who then gets a call – maybe the beak he needed – and leaves)