Monday, December 3rd

On the patio, Tessa wishes Mariah had woken her up before leaving for work. Mariah’s late for work already – maybe tomorrow. Tessa’s left disappointed.

No lectures, Anna promises. She then likens Devon’s loss to her letting go of her dream of singing. I had to mourn that loss. We’re both struggling and need a new start. Love for a thing isn’t the same as love for a person, Devon’s encouraged to ‘cope’. No, it’s not easy – but you owe it to Hilary and yourself.

Fen’s sorry – he wouldn’t have hit on Lola if he knew she was dating Kyle (who doubts that) The boys briefly left alone to chat, Kyle calls ‘Baldwin’ the same jealous jerk he’s always been – then leaves with an I’d say ‘nice to see you’ but I’d be lying, and Lola on his arm.

Back at the penthouse, Devon expresses his grief over losing Hilary and all the things that remind him that she’s gone. I feel like I’m losing her over and over again, he tells Anna. He then agrees to talk to the ‘shrink’ Nate’s already lined up for him ~hug~

Rey’s at Vikki’s to announce that the fire was deliberately set – the ranch is a crime scene. Victor? Nobody’s been able to reach him. Rey needs to speak to all interested parties. I’ll keep you posted, he leaves. You get the feeling he knows more than he’s saying? Nick wonders. It’s more than a feeling, Vikki agrees.

Next: Nikki battles old demons …. Abby takes a gamble … Cane joins forces with Vikki..

My Thoughts: The head of security called the police to report a trespasser but didn’t call Nikki? And did anyone notify Sharon that there’s a fire and a trespasser on the premises? I doubt she’d be too worried. Every trespasser thus far has turned out to be either Nick or Tessa skulking about. So, the ranch is crime scene after yet another act of arson – and no one from the media is reporting it? Mariah lived there up until a few days ago when she went back to Tessa – you’d think her viewers would be more interested in her insiders report than Fen singing (why does everyone think they can be a famous singer?) … When Mariah told Fen that he was looking good, I doubt she was referring to the body he’s hiding under his jacket (so it’s weird that he mentioned working out) Since he’s basically Kyle 2.0 the only good think about Fen’s return is that we might see more of Mike and Lauren. Another weird thing – why would Fen go to Jabot looking for his Mom instead of her office at Fenmore’s? Or hey – maybe call ahead before trecking all over town.