Tuesday, December 4th

Back at the club, Phyllis and Billy pat themselves on the back. Oh how well they work as a team. They clink coffee cups to toast a helluva pitch – the first of many.

Vikki and Nikki are annoyed with these time-wasting questions – why would Rey even think they’d recognize this gun? Because it’s registered to Victor and has his prints on it, Rey announces. Looking down her nose, Nikki sniffs that Victor’s very responsible; he keeps his guns under lock and key. Rey drops another bomb – the blood on the shirt is JT’s.

At home, Nick updates Phyllis about Rey questioning them about a gun found at the stables. When Phyllis starts massaging his shoulders, he wonders what she’s buttering him up for. He’s baffled when Phyllis asks how he feels about going on a date with another woman.

Rene won’t let the stylist put her in anything else but your line, Devon says when Rebecca stands to end the meeting. That’s nice but she’d liked to have heard that from Rene herself. Anna steps in to explain that Rene’s agent booked her extra dates and as she tries to save the deal by listing reasons why it’s a perfect fit, Devon becomes dizzy, sweaty and short of breath as he clutches his chest. Devon? Both ladies look worried.

JT’s blood? Impossible – it can’t be, the ladies sputter. Why not? Rey asks. Because you’re always playing games with us, Vikki interrupts. Rey would like to hear from Nikki. Our employees keep meticulous records, Nikki’s sure they would have reported a gun and bloody shirt to her. Rey concludes that the evidence (the gun and murder victim’s shirt) put Victor at the top of his suspect list.

Next: Jack romances Kerry …. Arturo defends Mia.

My Thoughts: Nikki sounds all high and mighty when painting Victor as such a responsible gun owner but knows how often guns go missing under lock and key – like the gun Tessa managed to steal from her just last year ….. Are we expected to believe that Victor’s massive collection of black T-shirts are tailor made? That he’d never buy anything ‘off the rack’? …. Since Devon’s a bit young to have heart problems I’m guessing he’s having panic attacks? Either way, he should get to GCM and get checked out.