Tuesday, December 4th

Don’t screw this up, Phyllis whispers to Billy when Rebecca Barlow meets them at the club. She congratulates Phyllis – loves seeing a woman in charge. Billy introduces himself as former CEO. He and Phyllis pitch Jabotiques and how Rebecca’s products will benefit from partnering with them. We belong together.

Nick’s aghast – you’re accusing us of keeping a gun in the stables? Our kids are there all the time. Where did it come from? Rey wonders. Vikki suspects the gun belongs to whoever set the fire. Since Rey obviously thinks otherwise, Nick suggests they call their lawyers in.

When Devon does manage to sleep he has nightmares or wakes up thinking Hilary’s beside him; those are the good nights. The bad nights? He thinks about what might have been and worries he let Hilary down on his promise to take care of Shawna (who my brother in law sent home) The doctor sympathizes – he’s lost a tie to Hilary. Devon had everything he ever wanted and lost it in the blink of an eye. He’s lost the role of Father, husband and to some extent, brother. People doubting his ability to do his job makes Devon second-guess himself. Confident he can help, the doctor wants to see more of Devon and will prescribe medication (which Devon opposes)

Devon will accept the doctor’s help but won’t ‘pop any kind of pills’. His Mother was a drug addict, the man who adopted him is an alcoholic, the music industry is full of drugs. The doctor recommends a low dose, short-term anti-anxiety medication – it’s better than self-medicating with alcohol. Look at it as the same as taking medication for a physical ailment. Yes, the doctor promises confidentiality unless Devon’s a threat to himself or others.

The Newmans gang up on Rey for treating them like suspects. Nick’s had enough and leaving (telling his sister and Mother not to say anything else without a lawyer) Rey then brings out a bagged/bloodied Oxford shirt and asks the ladies if it looks familiar.

Nikki’s sure the shirt isn’t Victor’s (he has all his shirts tailor-made) Vikki doesn’t recognize it either. Have forensics test it. Rey did and got very interesting results.

Rebecca’s impressed by Phyllis and Billy’s pitch – they top her list but she needs time to decide. Don’t you have a call to make? Phyllis dismisses Billy. Rebecca spots the handsome Nick at another table and would like to meet him. Phyllis would be happy to make that happen. Meeting over, Phyllis tells Billy that they’re on the inside track.

Now home, Devon seems to have forgotten the meeting with Rebecca that Anna’s put together paperwork for. But yes, he assures perpetually worried Nate that he’s got this.

His fussing again irritating Devon, Nate obediently leaves as soon as Rebecca arrives at the penthouse. Things start off well as they discuss a musician friend they have in common. But hearing that Rene is in Milan, Rebecca can’t possibly sign her to be the face of her products without meeting her. She does NOT like having her time wasted by people like Devon (who’s rendered speechless)