Monday, December 10th

Arturo admits that Nick’s right – the restaurant business is tough; maybe Abby should try something else, like an upscale salon. No way, Mia would want to be involved – Abby’s determined to open a late night spot like the one Arturo took her to in Miami. She needs someone with experience who’s not a Newman or Abbott – then suddenly knows just the person to bring onboard.

Vikki doesn’t want Reed to get his hopes up – the police are sure JT’s body was buried at the park, then moved. Do the police have a suspect? Reed wonders.

No, Billy didn’t drink last night – he realizes that’s part of his problem and is heeding Jack’s advice. Phyllis is coming around, he believes. Jack wonders what’s holding her back – Nick? Billy’s still going over what Phyllis told him – what would it say about her if she took me back? She still loves me but can’t take me back ‘after what I did’. Maybe she just needs more time. That’s what Jack told himself – don’t wait around for something that won’t happen – let her go.

At Vikki’s, Nick updates Reed that Summer’s in Dubai (and Victor’s not) It was crummy of him to get her all the way over there under false pretenses. Do you even know where Dad is?? he asks his sister and Mom. Grandpa’s missing!? Reed squawks. No, no, Vikki and Nikki reassure. After Nikki leaves to take Reed to CL’s, Nick’s sorry he blurted all that out in front of him. Rey told Mom and me that Dad’s a suspect, Vikki informs – the arson investigator found a shirt in the stables with JT’s blood on it. Someone’s setting Dad up and doing a good job of it.

Billy balks at Jack’s advice – he won’t give up on Phyllis. Jack worries it’ll strain their working relationship. Go visit your kids, he suggests. Vikki would like that too. Billy quickly changes the subject to Kerry. Find someone – set a good example for your little brother, he orders (as Jack gets a text)

Phyllis is now at Vikki’s too and hears that Victor’s a suspect (which doesn’t seem crazy to Nick) Phyllis agrees – maybe we should consider the possibility that Victor did kill JT.

At the club, ‘Sugar’ confides to Jack that she took a drink of Vikki’s wine last night. We’re all one bad moment away from a slip-up, Jack understands. Nikki tells him about the fire at the stables. Reed came home early – he’s grieving – it’s breaking Vikki’s heart. Jack heard that Victor’s incommunicado and knows that Nikki’s worried. Yes, she is, especially since Summer flew halfway around the world and he was so eager to see her. No one knows where Victor is or when he’ll be back (which has upset Nick) Jack concludes that Nikki’s worrying about everyone but herself. Hearing she’s going to an AA meeting, his offer to go with her is appreciated.