Monday, December 10th

Dad had nothing to do with JT’s death, Vikki’s sure and doesn’t appreciate Nick and Phyllis talking like he did it. After Nick leaves the ladies to chat, Vikki scolds Phyllis for trying to turn Nick against his Father. Phyllis is just glad the heat is off them (and Victor won’t go down for this because he didn’t kill JT) Vikki wonders if SHE’S behind the evidence found in the stables. The clothes JT died in showed up in my Mom’s bed! She’d never let my Dad take the fall for something she did – think about THAT the next time you accuse him of murder!

After lunch at the club, Abby questions Arturo on what he thinks about the place; the ambiance, the decor. Her good friend Devon runs a hot club on the roof and has a hot streaming service (he’d be the perfect partner) Arturo agrees.

Phyllis takes Billy into her office – word’s getting out on the Barlow deal – we need to put out a press release. You weren’t in the office this morning, she noticed. Were you looking for me? Billy claims he overslept. Hoping he’s not avoiding her, Phyllis has enjoyed working with Billy – we make a great team. ‘Professionally’, Billy’s clearly disappointed (but not uncomfortable) No, Phyllis isn’t uncomfortable either – we cleared the air. Suddenly all business, Billy leaves looking troubled. In her office, Phyllis seems discontent too.

Phyllis greets Nick with a kiss. She appreciates him dropping everything to look into Victor’s whereabouts for Summer. He appreciates her backing him up at Vikki’s (re Victor possibly killing JT) ~kiss~

At Dark Horse, Jack calls Kerry to say he had a wonderful time at Thanksgiving and asks her for drinks at the club. She opts for breakfast tomorrow. That works too, Jack hangs up happy.

On the CL’s patio, Reed asks Billy if he thinks his Dad’s dead. Yes, Billy’s sorry to say. He knows what it’s like to lose Dad. Your Dad was older, lived a good life. My Dad was in his 40’s – it’s not the same. Billy agrees but cautions him not to let anger override the important things. Nothing is more important to Reed than finding out who killed his Dad and making them pay.

Griping about Phyllis, Nikki decides to take a page from her book – instead of laying low and hoping for the best (and playing into my tormentors’ hands) I need to take control of the situation and prove Victor’s being framed. We need to expose this fraud. How? Vikki asks. Watch and learn, Nikki seems to have a plan.