Tuesday, December 11th

On the patio, Abby congratulates Lola with a hug – then goes in to thank Sharon (who makes it clear that the arrangement isn’t a favour for Rey)

Devon needs to shed some access baggage so has fired some artists from LP to focus on the best ones (like Rene) No, Neil doesn’t know but he’ll agree. Cane thinks he should …. Devon then gets a text from Abby – something about a business proposition. Going upstairs to call Abby and shower, Devon shrugs off Cane’s concern.

Vikki’s sorry for snapping – it’s all so frustrating; the police accusing Victor. There’s no reason to burden Reed. Billy agrees that Reed knowing that the cops suspect his grandpa of killing his Dad won’t help. He’ll do whatever Vikki thinks is best for Reed and will always be there for her and the kids ~hug~

What are you doing here? How did you get here? Charlie grills Reed until Mattie puts a stop to it. Charlie’s sorry about Reed’s Dad. Reed’s sorry about Charlie’s Mom. See ya, Charlie leaves Mattie to admit that she was nervous about contacting Reed. He explains that he was mad thinking his Dad was on the run – and now, knowing he’s dead, doesn’t know how to feel. The kids stop holding hands when a disapproving Cane comes in to glare at them.

Meeting Devon at the club, Abby begins by babbling about the building she bought and the restaurant she wants to open. She’s funding it herself but needs someone with connections and expertise to get it off the ground. What will set your place apart? Devon asks. It’ll be open 24/7 to hit all demos. Devon loves the concept. The vibe? Accessible, funky. The food? Abby has undiscovered talent – Lola Rosales. Devon’s not sold; running a food truck isn’t the same as a restaurant. He can’t get behind it unless Abby employees a known chef with a good menu.

Lola’s doing brisk business on the CL’s patio when Fen comes along to help in exchange for …. a free sandwich, Lola offers. Abby then stops by with an offer Lola can’t refuse; catering a private dinner at Devon’s. I want you to blow him away with your food. Pull out all the stops. Lola’s in. Abby will reimburse her; get the best ingredients and servers. Focus on making the meal of your life. Yes, there is a reason Abby’s trying to impress this guy (but can’t elaborate) Lola will have to cancel with Kyle and find a server. After Abby leaves, Fen brings a box in.

Oh hi – in Phyllis’ office Kerry is scolded for standing Jack up for their breakfast date. He knows her phone’s working (when it beeps) and doubts there was a misunderstanding (as Kyle suggested) That’s not it, is it?