Monday, December 17th

Reed went to a party he doesn’t want to talk about. After he runs upstairs, Vikki drinks wine as she blames herself for not being a good Mother. She finds Christmas daunting but wants to give the kids good memories. Billy offers to help.

Dr Nate leans over an unconscious Nikki – keep fighting, he urges.

Nick and Phyllis make love in the dark.

What’s going on? Talk to me – what happened? Cane persists. Yes, something happened and Charlie doesn’t know what to do about it.

Admiring their photo booth shot, Vikki praises Billy for letting Phyllis run the show tonight (and Jabot) Playing good ‘foot soldier’ does make Billy choke a bit. He wants the company back in Abbott hands but will be patient and do what he needs to do to make the company succeed. Billy now knows he can’t gamble in moderation (thanks to expensive rehab) Vikki’s happy for him; his Jabotiques will save Jabot (which Ashley would soon be able to bankrupt otherwise). As they agree that they still have fun together, Vikki gets a call that wipes the smile of her face.

As Kerry puts ornaments on the tree, Jack gets a text – Nikki’s in the hospital – I gotta go. Kerry will drive so Jack can make calls.

Nick and Phyllis are relaxing in bed when the call comes in. I’m on my way, Nick informs Phyllis that his Mom’s in the ER.

Nick (with Phyllis) arrives at GCM followed by Billy and Vikki, then Jack and Kerry. No one knows anything yet.

Charlie thinks this whole night stupid – he drank a beer because Shawna dumped him for another guy. Cane understands – you screwed up – don’t do it again, he goes up to bed. Charlie’s left to text Reed – my Dad busted me for drinking – we should go back and check the road. Reed disagrees – you drank and I have no license. Go to sleep.

Nate assures the anxious group that he’ll be in the operating room with Nikki (whose spleen has been ruptured) and will update them when he can. Shouting (at a cop!) that he wants to know who did this to his Mom, Nick’s physically restrained by Jack.