Tuesday, December 18th

Jack comes home to update Kyle that Nikki was hit by a car – it doesn’t look good. What kind of low life would just leave her to die in the street? Kyle wonders.

Reed’s at Mattie’s to check on Charlie – he’s pretty bummed about Shawna dumping him. He isn’t going to school but Mattie attributes that to a hangover, not a broken heart – did you guys go to a party last night? Yeah, but it sucked, Reed’s glad Mattie wasn’t there

Devon and Anna are seated at the club prepping for ‘wall to wall meetings’ when Fen comes to take their breakfast order. He’s disappointed when Devon goes to attend to some business. He hasn’t had time to listen to your demo yet, Anna informs – don’t bug him about it.

At GCM, Nick ends a call with Noah when Vikki arrives. Neither has heard from their Dad but hope he’s on his way home. That doesn’t mean he’ll get here in time, Nick’s pessimistic.

No, Sharon hasn’t replaced Tessa yet but she makes a mean cappuccino. Just regular coffee to go, Rey’s then told that Sharon’s not going to work at the station today. She’s stunned to hear about Nikki’s accident and that Victor hasn’t shown up yet. Still convinced that Victor killed JT, Rey concludes that he needs to decide between his freedom and his wife.

Back at the Ashby home, Reed convinces Charlie that they hit Nikki (not a deer) last night. He’s sure his Uncle Nate will save her and now it’s time to go get the car fixed. There’s a guy outside town who’ll do it for cash. We’ll figure out what to say on the way.

Devon and Anna are still planning their meetings when Fen returns to bother him about his demo. Devon reminds Fen that his job is waiting tables and as they leave for their first meeting, Anna pauses to give Fen and ‘I told you so’ look.

Nate updates Nick and Vikki that Nikki’s still unconscious and her vitals aren’t great. What’s next? After an MRI, Nate will know more. Vikki and Nick are left to wait and discuss their Mom drinking; which would explain her defending Victor (to Mia) Rey treats Mom like she killed JT, Nick comments.

Phyllis is annoyed when Sharon drops by her office to discuss Nikki (could the hit and run driver be the same sicko who planted the gun and bloody shirt in the stables and laid JT’s clothes in Nikki’s bed?) Phyllis doubts the hit and run was planned or targetted – no one knew Nikki was going to the party (Mike invited her last minute) Hearing that Nikki was drinking ‘heavily’, Sharon’s immediate concern is Nick – he must be devastated.