Monday, December 17th

Calmed down by Jack, Nick steps out to call Summer (in case she’s in touch with Victor; Dad needs to be here) Phyllis updates Kerry that yes, Jack and Nikki are close – they were married. He still thinks of himself as Nick’s stepfather. He’s very loyal. How many wives has Jack had? Jack interrupts to tell Kerry that she can go home. After she leaves, Nick comes back in to insist Phyllis go home too. He’ll call if he needs anything. Billy doesn’t need to be told – he’s going to be with the kids. Your Mom’s strong just like her daughter, he reassures Vikki. She, Nick and Jack are left to wait for news and hope for the best.

Time slowly passes at GCM. Nick rejoins Jack and Vikki to snarl that the police have no idea who ran over Mom – the bastard needs to be in a cell NOW.

Reed finds the photobooth photo of his Mom and Billy – just as Billy walks in with a mug of coffee. No, I didn’t spend the night, Billy updates. Your Mom’s at Memorial – it’s your grandmother. I have to go! I have to be there now, Reed runs out.

Jack needs to go home to check on Dina, shower – he’ll be back (and will always be there for Nikki) – call me if anything changes, he instructs the appreciative Nick and Vikki.

Nate updates Nick and Vikki – their Mom’s in recovery. The only thing tests have shown so far is that she’d been drinking. They’re dealing with that shock when Reed careens in. What happened? It was a hit and run behind the club. Someone just plowed into your grandmother and took off, Nick adds. Reed looks horrified.

Cane comes down to pour coffee and warn Charlie that he doesn’t want to be like Reed (who then calls to say they hit his grandma – she might not make it)

My Thoughts: Why would the Newmans (or anyone) be reassured by Dr Nate. His track record sucks. The last time he reassured a family was when Hilary died… How could Reed and Charlie not have seen, at the very least, that they hit a person? The headlights completely illuminated her. Are we in for a replay of another accident being kept secret? Didn’t Charlie learn from last time?But the real lesson here is do not drive Charlie anywhere. He’s bad luck …. Right Billy – your rehab was very expensive and very intensive but it lasted what? A week? Not nearly long enough and it obviously didn’t address your drinking problem (which doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore. Oh, it’s a Christmas miracle!) … Has no one noticed that Kerry is a bit young for Jack? (the actors are 29 and 65 respectively) Jack’s more than twice her age – his son Keemo is in his mid 40’s for heaven’s sake…. Really Phyllis? Jack’s so ‘loyal’ – that was especially evident when he slept with Jill while she was married to his Dad. But then again, everyone seems loyal compared to Phyllis… Off that Billy let Reed run out of the house like that. Did Reed run all the way to GCM? He must be fast – Billy didn’t even have time to call or text Vikki to give her a heads up.