Tuesday, December 18th

Returning to Memorial, Jack hears Nick arguing on the phone with the police (who’ve been hounding his Mother for weeks but can now only spare one cop to investigate who hit her) Mom had an MRI – the doctors are trying to figure out why she’s not waking up, Nick tells Jack. Did you know she was drinking? Yes, Jack went to an AA meeting with her. He thought it was just a slip-up and that she was drinking club soda at the party. Nick regrets pushing his Mom on his Dad’s whereabouts. Jack’s sure Victor would be here if he could – he might be in serious trouble.

Kyle casually tosses a fork on the floor – oh waiter, he summons Fen over to get him another. Oops, could you get my spoon too? When Fen threatens to pour hot coffee on him, Kyle will have to talk to Devon. Fen’s in the process of telling Kyle where he can stick his fork and spoon when Anna returns to again tell him not to bug Devon about his demo. Having heard the amateur recording, she offers to produce a better quality demo. Fen doesn’t need the help of an ‘assistant’ and after Anna leaves, Kyle wonders how a couple as smart as Lauren and Mike had such a stupid kid.

Jack agrees with Vikki that Nick should go have a bite to eat and some rest. That leaves Vikki to list all she’s handled as an adult – I just want my Mom, my best friend. No, Jack doesn’t think that corny and is sure Nikki’s fighting her way back to her family.

Mike joins Nick at GCM. Sorry, but he hasn’t heard from Victor and has no idea where he is. After Mike goes to check on Vikki, Sharon appears to blurt out ”Nick!

Nick’s sorry he didn’t call Sharon – he knows she and his Mom have gotten close. Making a beeline to Nick’s side, Phyllis is surprised Sharon’s not at the station. Sharon admits she dropped by Jabot to see Phyllis so as not to bother Nick. Yet, here she is – to check on Nick. As you can see, I’m taking good care of him, Phyllis scowls. Sharon will check in at the station and call with any progress. Seeing Nate give Jack and Vikki what looks like bad news, Nick goes over – followed by Phyllis. Sharon hangs back; an awkward outsider.

Signing his bill, Kyle needles Fen some more. He disagrees that Devon only hired Anna because she’s his sister. She’s smart, driven and connected – and going places – and you blew your chance at going with her.

Back at the Ashby home after getting the car fixed, Charlie and Reed get their story straight (for their whereabouts all day) Am I supposed to go to my grandma’s funeral pretending it’s not my fault? Reed yelps. She was walking around in the dark! Charlie stresses. Reed can’t carry this secret – I have to confess.

Nate updates the group – the MRI shows a brain contusion. There’s no treatment but it might resolve itself on its own. When Rey arrives, Nick lashes out at him – take your sympathy and beat it. He does NOT take kindly to Rey being on the case. You waltz in here 12 hours after she was hit!? At least I’m here (more than I can say for your old man) As Nick’s restrained, Rey adds that he’s just doing his job. Let it go for your Mom’s sake, Sharon interjects.

Reed can’t keep lying about the accident. Charlie thinks confessing is an even worse idea – look where it landed my Mom. What’s going on? Mattie appears.