Tuesday, December 18th

Still in the waiting area, Sharon gives Vikki a pep talk. Phyllis returns to report that she convinced Nick to go eat something. Vikki doesn’t blame him for being pissed that Rey’s on the case. Sharon knows that Rey’s a good detective – he’ll find out who did this. Phyllis believes Rey’s only working the hit and run because he thinks it connected to JT’s murder. OMG – what if Rey’s right? Vikki worries – it’s all the same person.

Kyle’s wrestling with an inflatable palm tree when Jack comes home to hear that he’s setting up a beach scene for Lola because she misses Miami (and can’t take time off to go to Florida) Jack rummages through the boxes (coconut cups to drink from etc) and boasts about the romantic evening he set up for Kerry last night. Sounds tame to Kyle – what’s your next move?

We need to talk, a determined Rey tells a furrowed-brow Nick.

Devon’s not here, Anna opens the penthouse door and reminds Fen that he didn’t want to hear anything SHE has to say. I’m not just Devon’s sister (Anna makes it clear that she knows her way around a recording studio and plans to make a name for herself as a producer. Yes, Fen’s interested in working with Anna but recording a demo in a studio is expensive. Anna has it covered. Fen just has to give the performance of his life.

Jack thinks the pink flamingos a bit too much. Kyle disagrees and again asks his Dad what his next move is (if he has one) Yes, Jack does have a next move and Kerry’s gonna love it.

The boys easily convince Mattie that they’re fighting over football. She then leaves them to fret over their predicament with Charlie persuading Reed to keep his mouth shut.

Back at GCM, Vikki reports that her Mom felt the clothes laid out on her bed was a warning. Maybe whoever did this is planning to take us all out, one by one, she looks wide-eyed at Sharon and Phyllis.

Rey’s really sorry – he’s taking this case very seriously and won’t give up until he gets answers. Do your thing. With or without Rey’s help, Nick WILL find out who ran over his Mom and WILL make him pay.

Reed’s on the CL’s patio looking like a kid with the weight of the world on his shoulders (like one would if they ran over their grandmother)