Wednesday, December 19th

Sharon’s brought a mac n cheese casserole to Vikki’s for her and the kids. We’re in this together – both worry that whoever ran Nikki over will come for them.

Serving Mariah and Tessa their meal, Fen mentions that he’s leaving early to do something (that he won’t jinx by talking about) When Tessa mentions that she’s low on funds, Mariah blames Sharon for firing her (and sabotaging her getting a job at the club) She ignores ‘the saboteurs’ call – whatever Sharon has to say isn’t as important as Tessa.

Wrapping things up some sound mixing at the studio, Anna sends Devon off to a meeting he shouldn’t miss. Keep calling me ‘sir’, he jokes. Anna makes a call – he’s gone – come now.

On the patio, invitation in hand, Kyle wants to dote on Lola tonight – come to Casa de Abbott tonight and dress appropriately. The forecast is hot and humid, he piques her interest. Lola’s left to open the tropical-inspired card and smile.

Billy drops by Vikki’s to hear that Sharon brought dinner. Yes, it was thoughtful – Vikki appreciates Billy’s support too and hugs him when he decides to stay and help Johnny learn his song for the Christmas pageant.

** sorry. no time for spellcheck etc. today.

Tessa hates that she’s coming between Mariah and her Mom. Sharon wasn’t the leader (in her abduction) Mariah was asked to make a choice and has chosen Tessa. She doesn’t understand why Sharon has no compassion for Tessa – and why she keeps calling. Glad Mariah finally answered, Sharon asks her to come over for a talk. Mariah doesn’t want to hear that she should break up with Tessa (who encourages her to go hear her Mom out)

Gasping like he ran all the way to the studio, Anna hopes he brought his A game then hands him a song he’s to sing. Fen wants to sing his own song. Anna liked Fen’s voice but no this ‘material’. Take it or leave it.

I ordered 4 tiki torches, Kyle (dressed in shorts and a loud shirt) is on the phone. A delivery of tropical flowers then arrives. Also dressed appropriately, Lola gets a call asking her that she come at 8 instead of 7. See you soon.