Wednesday, December 19th

Tessa literally pushes Mariah out of the club to see her Mom. Go see what she has to say – don’t push her out of your life. You don’t have to prove anything to me.

Fen’s nervous and ready to walk. Anna wants to produce a hit record – this is the right song. It’ll fit your voice like a glove – just try it. She has the backup track ready to go – get in the booth and do your thing.

Billy leads Vikki over the couch so she can relax. She wishes her Dad were here. So do I, Billy deadpans. With all the mayhem, Vikki worries about Johnny feeling neglected. She jumps up to set the table (as if in need of the distraction)

Sharon’s at home reading and in a huff because she’s alone. Is someone out there?! she hears a noise and grabbing a heavy flashlight yanks open the front door. Both she and Mariah scream.

Now inside, Mariah explains that she dropped her purse and was using her phone as a flashlight to find her supplies? Supplies? Yes, popcorn etc for movie night (Tessa’s suggestion) Sharon admits that she’s rattled – it feels like JT’s going to haunt us all forever. Mariah hugs her scared Mom.

Unable to get Johnny to sing Jingle Bells, Billy tells him a story about when HE had to sing in public. Are you nervous you won’t remember your line? As Vikki watches, Billy coaches Johnny – have fun and listen for the line before yours. She smiles as Billy hugs his son – I’m proud of you.

For some reason, Tessa’s at Kyle’s. He has no idea why Lola’s not there so calls her again. Lola’s in bed fast asleep, flower still behind her ear. Tessa insists Kyle go to her. OK, but not alone – grab that guitar. Tessa does and follows.

At the mixing board (as someone else works it) Anna interrupts Fen – we need more emotion. He comes out to say ‘that was incredible – wasn’t it’? Anna agrees. She’s fine being a producer while Fen’s the star. We have time for one more take. One more take of what? Devon arrives. And he’s not happy.